Why Everyone Should Support Free Markets

Why Everyone Should Support Free Markets

Economist Donald J. Boudreaux from George Mason University makes the case for free market capitalism, while I play devils advocate.


What is free market capitalism?

What is the difference between government and the free market?

Do free markets protect consumers?

Do free markets protect workers?

Do free markets create monopolies?

Why are some countries wealthy and some poor?

And more!


The Conscience of a Liberal by Paul Krugman – REBUTTED

The Conscience of a Liberal by Paul Krugman – REBUTTED

Economist Robert P. Murphy and I discuss Krugman’s take on leftism, the morality of the state, welfare, economic cycles, inequality, the great depression and much more!

In short, Krugman fails to explain why the state has a moral right to do things (initiate violence against peaceful people to collect taxes, cage them for victimless crimes, etc.) no other group has the right to do, rendering his thesis not only contradictory but also immoral.


How to DEBUNK Libertarianism!

How to DEBUNK Libertarianism!

What would libertarians need to hear, in order to change their minds on supporting libertarianism?

Like any other theory or claim, we must define it, then find a way it can be falsified in order to avoid engaging in “moving the goal post” or confirmation bias.

Libertarianism: The moral philosophy that no person or group of persons have the right to initiate violence of fraud, and just acquisition of property comes from contract/voluntary exchange, original appropriation or proportionate restitution from aggressors.

What makes the state (all governments) illegitimate? It exercises control over resources that its agents never acquired through original appropriation or voluntary exchange, and it does so without the consent of the rightful owners of said resources.

To refute this claim, one must explain either (a) states do not initiate violence, or (b) violence is justified when a group called government does it.

If (a) of (b), they must then explain why states have a monopoly on rights no other group has- Does the Libertarian Institute have a right to ‘collect taxes’ or cage people for victimless crimes via ‘legislation’ they write, or engage in ‘compulsory education of children’?


The Libertarian Case for Equality

The Libertarian Case for Equality

Can one consistently believe a majority of 535 congressmen have the right to coercively rule 330 million Americans, and believe in equality?

If you believe one group should monopolize AR-15s and taxation, do you believe in equality?

In this video, I attempt to refute the statist position on equality, and justify the claim that only the libertarian/voluntarist position is dedicated to achieving equality in the genuine sense; equality of rights under natural law.


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