7/6/23 Matt Taibbi on the Judge’s New Injunction Against the Censorship State

 Download Episode. Matt Taibbi joined Scott on Antiwar Radio this week to talk about the injunction compelling the Federal Government to stop contacting social media companies. Taibbi was one of the journalists instrumental in exposing a lot of the government activity cited in the lawsuit. He explains to Scott what the government was doing.  Discussed on the show: “Take That, Internet Censors!” (Racket News) “If You're Not With Us, You're MAGA” (Racket News) Matt Taibbi is a journalist, author and political commentator. Subscribe to his Substack publication: Racket News and follow him on...

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6/29/23 Tommy Salmons on ESG and RFK Jr.

 Download Episode. Scott talks with Tommy Salmons about the threat that the push for so-called Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) poses to our liberties. Salmons has dug deep into what ESG really is and who is behind it. He goes through what he’s found. He and Scott then zoom out and look at how this all fits into the broader political moment we found ourselves in. That leads to a discussion of Robert Kennedy Jr.’s run for President.  Discussed on the show: “‘ESG,’ the Threat to Liberty You Haven’t Heard Of” (Libertarian Institute) “Who Cares Wins” (UN) Confessions of an Economic Hit...

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6/29/23 Dave DeCamp on Ukraine’s Counteroffensive and Wagner’s “Revolt”

 Download Episode. Dave DeCamp was back on Antiwar Radio this week to give us an update on Ukraine. He and Scott start with Biden’s gaff where he called Ukraine “Iraq” which leads them to reflect on the hypocrisy of other U.S. officials who helped push for invading Iraq twenty years ago. DeCamp then gives a run-through on where things stand with Ukraine’s counteroffensive before jumping into the Wagner “revolt” last weekend.  Discussed on the show: “Lavrov: US, Russia in a ‘Fight of Worlds’” (Antiwar.com) “Who Is National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, the Man Running US Foreign Policy”...

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6/23/23 Dana Rohrabacher the Tragic Return of U.S.-Russia Tension

Download Episode. Scott interviewed former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher at Porcfest. Rohrabacher, who also worked under President Reagan as a speechwriter and special assistant, had attended Scott’s speech on Ukraine expecting to disagree with everything Scott would say, but he had been pleasantly surprised. In this interview, he and Scott talk about the revival of U.S.-Russia tensions after the end of the Cold War, his decade-long stand to legalize marijuana, his night out drinking with Putin, his experience in Vietnam and more.  Discussed on the show: Not One Inch by M.E. Sarotte Dana...

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6/22/23 Kyle Anzalone on Ukraine’s Counteroffensive and Blinken’s Trip to China

Download Episode. Kyle Anzalone was back with Scott for Antiwar Radio today to talk Ukraine and China. They start with Ukraine. Anzalone gives an update on the state of Ukraine’s much-hyped counteroffensive. They then talk about what came out of Anthony Blinken’s trip to China and examine the reaction from the American right.  Discussed on the show: Scott’s interview with Daniel Davis “Is Putin Bluffing on Redlines? Ask Putin” (Libertarian Institute) “America and China are preparing for a war over Taiwan” (The Economist) Kyle Anzalone is news editor of the Libertarian Institute, opinion...

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The Waco Tragedy feat. Dave Hardy, Dan Gifford, James Tabor, Paul Fatta, David Thibodeau, Jim Bovard, Barbara Grant, Mike McNulty

Download Episode. Scott discusses the 1993 Waco tragedy with David Hardy, Dan Gifford, James Tabor, Paul Fatta, David Thibodeau, Jim Bovard, Barbara Grant: the Branch Davidians' history and theology, David Koresh, the ATF's investigation and raid, the 51 day siege, the FBI's tank and gas attack, the April 19 fire, analysis of infra-red imagery, the role of the U.S. Army's Delta Force, the trial and various coverups. Related Articles Will ABC really tell us what happened at Waco in 1993? by Dan Gifford| New York City, NY Patch FBI Mass Murder Of The Branch Davidians At Waco And The...

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6/15/23 Kevin Gosztola on Assange’s Latest Legal Setback

 Download Episode. Scott is joined by journalist Kevin Gosztola to discuss the UK High Court’s latest ruling in the government’s effort to extradite Julian Assange. They examine the ruling, reflect on the establishment’s hypocrisy about Assange and discuss how the CIA spied on American citizens who visited Assange in London.  Discussed on the show: “Justice Severely Delayed and Denied: UK High Court Rejects Assange's Request For Appeal After Nearly A Year” (The Dissenter) Eric Brakey’s speech Ithaka (IMDb) Kevin Gosztola is the managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts...

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6/15/23 Daniel Davis on Ukraine’s Big Offensive

 Download Episode. Daniel Davis joined Scott on Antiwar Radio to discuss the much-hyped Ukrainian counteroffensive. Davis has been closely monitoring what’s happening on the ground. He shares where things stand and what it likely means for the wider war. Discussed on the show: “Ukraine’s Big Offensive” (19fortyfive.com) Daniel Davis did multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan during his time in the army. He is a Senior Fellow at Defense Priorities and is the author of the reports “Dereliction of Duty II: Senior Military Leaders’ Loss of Integrity Wounds Afghan War Effort” and “Go Big or Go...

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