Biden Is Rejecting Trump’s Border Wall But Not Border Control

Biden Is Rejecting Trump’s Border Wall But Not Border Control

He favors a technological wall using biometric data, surveillance, artificial intelligence, drones, facial recognition, cameras and radar. Expect this to start at the border and spread into the country. High-tech border control in a constitution free zone.

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President Joe Biden will sign a number of immigration-related executive actions today continuing his reversals of former President Donald Trump’s harsh policies toward undocumented immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees as part the new administration’s effort to pursue a more humanitarian approach to immigration and border enforcement.

However, at least one of Biden’s proposals suggests that while he rejects Trump’s “big, beautiful wall” approach, he favors a different kind of “wall”: a ramping up of technology-driven surveillance at the border.

Biden terminated Trump’s national emergency declaration at the southern border and ordered a pause on all construction work on Trump’s wall on his first day — to the relief of border communities like those in Laredo, Texas, fighting to protect their lands and cultural heritage.

Still, Biden’s newly unveiled U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 provides clues to how he is likely to address border enforcement going forward, as construction machinery at the southern border sits idle. Instead of a steel barrier, Biden’s legislative proposal would deploy even more technology to the border, accelerating the creation of a “smart” wall powered by biometric data, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, aerial drones, infrared cameras, motion sensors and radar.

The legislation’s full text has yet to be released, but a fact sheet contains a section titled “Supplement existing border resources with technology and infrastructure,” which says the bill “builds on record budget allocations for immigration enforcement by authorizing additional funding for the Secretary of DHS to develop and implement a plan to deploy technology to expedite screening” and “enhance the ability to process asylum seekers.”

Additionally, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on January 21 that Biden’s approach to border security will be “multi-pronged. It is to do smart security — security that will help address and use technology to address key border crossings, address ports of entry more effectively and efficiently, and putting that oversight in the hands of the [DHS].”

Biden and other border-area Democrats like Laredo Rep. Henry Cuellar have long favored a “virtual” wall over a physical barrier. In fact, Biden’s campaign immigration plan blasted Trump for failing to “invest in smarter border technology” and promised to invest in “cameras, sensors, large-scale x-ray machines, and fixed towers” at the southern border.

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Biden Is Rejecting Trump’s Border Wall But Not Border Control

Live At The Kevin Clinesmith Sentencing Hearing – Carter Page Testimony

Carter Page: “I first collaborated with the CIA while in the military. I never betrayed that trust. My life spun out of control due to false allegations. I had no privacy – everything was monitored by the government.


Biden Is Rejecting Trump’s Border Wall But Not Border Control

How The Use Of Drones To Secure Borders Threatens Everyone’s Rights

“A critical point raised by that study is how ‘border’ security has now come to mean much more than security around the actual border. Government agencies have sweeping powers to enforce ‘border’ security across the whole nation in terms of tackling border crime, identifying irregular migrants, and imposing security requirements upon travellers and goods crossing borders. Drones are enabling ‘upstream’ surveillance which allows a state to monitor and intervene in developments both inside and outside the country, far from its immediate border, for example by assessing migration patterns, observing events in neighbouring nations, or asserting control over remote seas.  In the US, Predator drones operated by the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection Agency have been used to spy on Black Lives Matter demonstrations many miles from the border itself.”

2021 01 29 08 20

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Biden Is Rejecting Trump’s Border Wall But Not Border Control

Global Day Of Action: World Says No To War On Yemen

Call or write your members of Congress and Senate – Biden ran on ending support for the war on Yemen, he needs to be pressured to keep that promise.

Sign up here

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Over 300 organisations from 18 countries have signed up for a call to action against the war on Yemen so far, making this the biggest international anti-war co-ordination since the campaign against the Iraq war. This protest is timed to take place just days after the inauguration of Joe Biden, who has promised to end US support for the war. This is our one central aim – to hold him to his word and force fellow governments to follow suit.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic many of the planned physical protests have had to be postponed but our global movement will not be silenced. For the World Says No to War on Yemen Global Online Rally we have brought together a group of prominent voices from across the world to speak out against this utterly brutal war and call for its immediate end.

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Biden Is Rejecting Trump’s Border Wall But Not Border Control

Stephen Wertheim: Delusions Of Dominance, Biden Can’t Restore American Primacy And Shouldn’t Try

By seeking global dominance rather than just its own defense, the United States has acquired a world of antagonists. These antagonists have in turn further increased the costs and dangers of dominance. As a result, U.S. foreign policy has failed in its most essential purpose: it has made the American people less safe where they live.

Stephen Wertheim has a vision for a more restrained U.S. foreign policy. One that would be supported by the majority of Americans, but is it a vision shared by the Biden administration?

2021 01 25 07 55

Biden Is Rejecting Trump’s Border Wall But Not Border Control

Kevin Gosztola: No Pardons For Edward Snowden Or Julian Assange

“NSA whistleblower Reality Winner, who was the first to be prosecuted under the Espionage Act under Trump, and former CIA officer John Kiriakou pursued pardons. They were effectively denied as well. On January 17, the New York Times reported that an associate of Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Kiriakou a pardon would cost him $2 million. “I laughed. Two million bucks—are you out of your mind?” Kiriakou told the Times. “Even if I had two million bucks, I wouldn’t spend it to recover a $700,000 pension.” The report exposed a sliver of the corruption around pardons in the final days of the Trump presidency, as “several people with connections” to Trump apparently “accepted large sums of money” in return for clemency. Kiriakou said Trump was not the only president in history to encourage this kind of behavior. “Certainly, Bill Clinton did at the end of his administration well. But this just highlights how the pardon process in the United States is broken.”

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2021 01 20 06 44


Biden Is Rejecting Trump’s Border Wall But Not Border Control

Libya, North Africa Emerge As Cocaine Transit Hubs

You can’t stop markets – where their is a buyer their will be a seller.

The interventionists (mainly Samantha Power) in the Obama administration (the same ones that now populate the Biden Administration) used the cover of “Responsibility to Protect” to remove the leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi thinking a new era of democracy will rise in Libya once he is removed.  As Ron Paul wrote:

“Power, who served on President Obama’s National Security Council staff and as US Ambassador to the UN, argued passionately and successfully that a US attack on the Gaddafi government in Libya would result in a liberation of the people and the outbreak of democracy in the country. In reality, her justification was all based on lies and the US assault has left nothing but murder and mayhem. Gaddafi’s relatively peaceful, if authoritarian, government has been replaced by radical terrorists and even slave markets.”

Now you can add Libya as a transit point for drugs to Western Europe.  Doubt they learned any lesson from this.

2021 01 18 08 11

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Biden Is Rejecting Trump’s Border Wall But Not Border Control

C.J. Hopkins: Global Cap Year Zero

“Or … I don’t know, this is just a crazy idea, you could turn off the fucking corporate media, do a little fucking research on your own, grow a backbone and some fucking guts, and join the rest of us “dangerous extremists” who are trying to fight back against the New Normal. Yes, it will cost you, and we probably won’t win, but you won’t have to torture your kids on airplanes, and you don’t even have to “deny” the virus!”

Robocop 725

GloboCap Year Zero

2020 was GloboCap Year Zero. The year when the global capitalist ruling classes did away with the illusion of democracy and reminded everyone who is actually in charge, and exactly what happens when anyone challenges them.

In the relatively short span of the last ten months, societies throughout the world have been transformed beyond recognition. Constitutional rights have been suspendedProtest has been bannedDissent is being censored. Government officials are issuing edicts restricting the most basic aspects of our lives … where we can go, when we can go there, how long we are allowed to spend there, how many friends we are allowed to meet there, whether and when we can spend time with our families, what we are allowed to say to each other, who we can have sex with, where we have to stand, how we are allowed to eat and drink, etc. The list goes on and on.

The authorities have assumed control of the most intimate aspects of our daily lives. We are being managed like inmates in a prison, told when to eat, sleep, exercise, granted privileges for good behavior, punished for the slightest infractions of an ever-changing set of arbitrary rules, forced to wear identical, demeaning uniforms (albeit only on our faces), and otherwise relentlessly bullied, abused, and humiliated to keep us compliant.

None of which is accidental, or has anything to do with any actual virus, or any other type of public health threat. Yes, before some of you go ballistic, I do believe there is an actual virus, which a number of people have actually died from, or which at least has contributed to their deaths … but there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any authentic public health threat that remotely justifies the totalitarian emergency measures we are being subjected to or the damage that is being done to society. Whatever you believe about the so-called “pandemic,” it really is as simple as that. Even if one accepts the official “science,” you do not transform the entire planet into a pathologized-totalitarian nightmare in response to a health threat of this nature.

The notion is quite literally insane.

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Biden Is Rejecting Trump’s Border Wall But Not Border Control

Judge Blocks Assange Extradition

Kyle breaks it all down on Conflict Of Interest

The U.S. has 14 days to respond – Trump could end all this, but my guess is he won’t.  Though Alex Mercouris (see below) makes the case that this sets up for Trump to pardon him. Alex also states he should be free by Wednesday.

2021 01 04 07 46

LONDON – A high court judge has ruled today that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will not be extradited for trial in the United States due to physical and mental health grounds, including the risk of suicide. The US have said they plan to appeal the UK decision.

British District Judge Vanessa Baraitser has ruled that extradition would mean “facing conditions of mere total isolation” which would be considered “oppressive” due to Assange’s current state of physical and mental health. Thus, the judge is ordering his discharge under section 91 of the extradition act 2003.

In the meantime, Assange is still being held in custody.

A bail application has been submitted by Assange’s defense team, and will be heard this Wednesday at Westminster Magistrates Court.

Assange’s legal defense team has asked that he be immediately released from London’s Belmarsh prison where he’s been held as an unconvicted prisoner now for over a year-and-a-half.


Supporters in London react

Human rights lawyer Alex Mercouris at The Duran reviews the decision here

More here and here

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