Fed’s Economy: the “Wealth Effect” and How it Impacts Americans Individually

Fed’s Economy: the “Wealth Effect” and How it Impacts Americans Individually

“This is an effective way to tear a country apart — and the Fed is trying to cover it up with its ludicrous rhetoric. But politicians in Washington of all stripes – who could stop the Fed’s policies with legislation – are fully on board with the wealth effect because they’re among the primary beneficiaries. And to heck with the bottom 50%. Not even populists on the left or the right, whose base is getting hit over the head on a daily basis by the wealth effect, are decrying the Fed’s policies.” On the contrary.  Wolf Richter at Wolf Street

us wealth disparity 2021 04 11 category per person bottom 50 percent

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Fed’s Economy: the “Wealth Effect” and How it Impacts Americans Individually

Veteran Intelligence Official Professionals For Sanity (VIPS) Issue Letter To Biden Urging Him To Avoid War In Ukraine

Let’s hope Biden will take their advice.

FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)
SUBJECT: Avoiding War in Ukraine

Dear President Biden,

We last communicated with you on December 20, 2020, when you were President-elect.

At that time, we alerted you to the dangers inherent in formulating a policy toward Russia built on a foundation of Russia-bashing. While we continue to support the analysis contained in that memorandum, this new memo serves a far more pressing purpose. We wish to draw your attention to the dangerous situation that exists in Ukraine today, where there is growing risk of war unless you take steps to forestall such a conflict.

At this juncture, we call to mind two basic realities that need particular emphasis amid growing tension between Ukraine and Russia.

First, since Ukraine is not a member of NATO, Article 5 of the NATO Treaty of course would not apply in the case of an armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Second, Ukraine’s current military flexing, if allowed to transition into actual military action, could lead to hostilities with Russia.

We think it crucial that your administration immediately seek to remove from the table, so to speak, any “solution” to the current impasse that has a military component. In short, there is, and can never be, a military solution to this problem.

Your interim national security strategy guidance indicated that your administration would “make smart and disciplined choices regarding our national defense and the responsible use of our military, while elevating diplomacy as our tool of first resort.” Right now is the perfect time to put these words into action for all to see.

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Fed’s Economy: the “Wealth Effect” and How it Impacts Americans Individually

Saudi Arabia’s Scramble For An Exit Strategy In Yemen

By Thomas o Falk at Aljazeera

Is their an end in sight for the war in Yemen?

2021 04 06 07 09

Pathway to peace?

Meanwhile, the US, United Nations, and regional mediator Oman still see an opportunity for negotiations. With the mediation of Oman, the Houthis have been negotiating with the US representative, Timothy Lenderking, for weeks. On Wednesday, it was reported that Oman hoped for an agreement between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis “very soon”.

However, Washington’s influence on facilitating a peaceful solution might be limited.

“The only real leverage the US has is with the Saudis and, by implication, with their proxies. They have no real leverage over the Houthis or their Iranian backers,” said Hurst.

However, even the leverage on Saudi Arabia was limited for two reasons in particular.

“First, US arms sales will not entirely stop Riyadh’s ability to continue to engage in the conflict. Second, the situation in Yemen is sadly not important enough to the United States for the Biden administration to issue the Saudi government with the kind of ultimatum that might compel them to make peace regardless of their preference,” according to Hurst.

The latter raises the question of what constitutes a conceivable road map towards peace. While there appears to be a theoretical path, the facilitation is another question entirely given to the actors involved.

Hashemi’s suggestion – which concurs with the view of former UN special envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar that he recently opined in a British newspaper – requires a devoted joint effort.

“A power-sharing agreement is needed among the Yemenis. This must give all the key players a seat at the table, and it must be based on a vision where everyone can have equal access to state resources, political representation, and basic security guarantees,” said Hashemi.

This power-sharing approach would mark a stark contrast to previous propositions.

“Until now, the US-Saudi peace plans have been predicated on Houthi surrender, which is a non-starter for peace in Yemen,” Hashemi noted.

One party, in particular, will hence have to display its proclivity for change.

“In this context, Saudi Arabia is the recalcitrant party in blocking a genuine peace plan for Yemen.”

On the other hand, Iran could potentially be persuaded, albeit, with a caveat, Hashemi suggested.

“I think the Iranians would support a peace effort based on the outline of the former UN special envoy [Benomar]. A fundamental problem here is the absence of US-Iranian diplomatic engagement.”

Whether the encumbrance of antipathy between Washington and Tehran can be overcome could thus be one of the keys moving forward for peace in Yemen.

Human suffering continues

While the actors involved may or may not initiate genuine negotiations, the civilian population continues to pay the price for the conflict.

According to the UN, the war has cost about 250,000 Yemenis lives so far. Four million people have been displaced, 80 percent of the population depends on aid, and millions continue to starve.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres even warned of the world’s worst famine in decades. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic caused Yemen’s already weak health system to collapse and forced the country to declare a state of emergency.

The appalling legacy the war in Yemen has produced notwithstanding, it appears noticeably absent from a broader public discourse. While Syria and Libya have somewhat remained in the public’s eye and interest, the horrors in Yemen often remain an afterthought. One could even make a case that the international community’s efforts – besides organising donor conferences – have been rather subpar, considering the recently taken measures in Libya.

The reason is as simple as it is disgraceful: in the ever-complicated world of geopolitics, the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen lacks standing.

“Yemen is not a key area of interest for the great powers. It has no natural resources, it is a very poverty-stricken country, and its geostrategic position on the map no longer matters,” said Hashemi.

The past six years are a testament to that view.

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Fed’s Economy: the “Wealth Effect” and How it Impacts Americans Individually

We’re Suing The Federal Reserve!! (Let’s Finish What Ron Paul Started)

George Gammon and attorney Robert Barnes are suing the Federal Reserve under the FOI act.

It’s Time To Sue The Fed Under The Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) #EndTheFed

Since 1913 the Fed has destroyed the purchasing power of the dollar, distorted the economy, created malinvestment, and incentivized misallocations of resources that have crushed the American poor and middle class.

Often they’ve implemented their destructive policies blatantly defying the document that legally binds them, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

The poor and middle class end up paying the price for the Fed ignoring the law to create INFLATION, while the financial insiders and politicians get richer due to the Cantillon Effect.

THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION!  We need to push back and show them they’re NOT above the law.  The Federal Reserve Act is meant to, not only constrain the central planners, but protect us from them.

So here are the “simple, fast steps!”

  • Sue under FOIA.
  • Audit Fed with documents received.
  • File lawsuit for violation of Federal Reserve Act (assuming law was broken).
  • Win.
  • #EndTheFed or at the least constrain them in the future and send a message to ALL central planners that they are NOT above the law.
Fed’s Economy: the “Wealth Effect” and How it Impacts Americans Individually

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

Pirate Wires Mike Solana reviews the latest attempt by government to force more censorship on the tech companies.  The main push-back came from Jack Dorsey, CEO of twitter. Right and left want government to “rein in” big tech but this is what government interference looks like – censorship, purges and public truth committees. Not satisfied with the current amount of censorship, government wants the tech companies to do more.

“I don’t think we should be the arbiters of truth,” said Dorsey, “and I don’t think the government should be either.”

2021 03 31 07 44



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Fed’s Economy: the “Wealth Effect” and How it Impacts Americans Individually

FAA Issues COVID-19 Pandemic NOTAM For International Air Travel

The FAA has issued a NOTAM (notice to airmen) requiring passengers entering the USA from foreign countries to have a negative covid test or proof they recovered from covid in the last 3 months. Hopefully they won’t go as far as Canada and require quarantine.

COVID-19 Pandemic NOTAM Highlighting 12 Jan CDC Order for all Passengers Entering the U.S.
Notice Number: NOTC1682

The FAA Safety Team would like to draw your attention to NOTAM FDC 1/2431. It can be accessed on the Defense Internet NOTAM Service Defense Internet NOTAM Service (faa.gov)  To locate the NOTAM please find and select the “FDC Notices” button and then keyword sort for the term 2431.

FDC 1/2431 (KFDC A0014/21) FDC Special Notice of Public Health Requirement for All Air Passengers Entering the United States (U.S.) and its Territories.

All air carriers and other aircraft operators departing a foreign country intending to land in the U.S. or a U.S. Territory are advised the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an order, effective 26 Jan 2021, prohibiting the embarkation of any air passenger on a flight to the U.S. from a foreign country unless the passenger, in accordance with the specific terms of the CDC order, presents documentation of:
1) A negative result for a pre-departure test for SARS-COV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) taken no more than 3 days in advance of departure; or
2) Recovery from COVID-19 within the previous 3 months or as specified in CDC guidance.

Effective immediately, all affected operators are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with this CDC order, which provides important details, including info on: applicability; exemptions; criteria of a qualifying test; requirements for documentation of recovery, including a positive test result for SARS COV-2 and confirmation from a licensed health care provider or health official that the individual is cleared to travel; passenger attestations; and compliance implementation, including requirements levied directly on operators. This CDC order and a link to FAQs may be found at: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/fr-proof-negative-test.html

Non-urgent questions regarding the CDC order may be directed to eocgmftcommsme@cdc.gov Operators should also refer to FAA SAFO 20009, as discussed in the CDC order.

Urgent questions may be referred to the FAA Washington Operations Center at (202) 267-3333.

The FAA is issuing this NOTAM in support of extraordinary public health measures in the face of a global pandemic.

Fed’s Economy: the “Wealth Effect” and How it Impacts Americans Individually

Idaho Man Mistakenly Shot By Cops In His Backyard

An Idaho police officer fatally shot a man in his own backyard Monday while searching a neighborhood for a suspect believed to be armed, officials said.”

This is how the cops describe the shooting:

We do not currently have the answers as to what exactly occurred during these moments,” Idaho Falls police Chief Bryce Johnson said. “We do know that during this interaction, an Idaho Falls police officer discharged his service weapon firing one shot which struck the man.

Of course they have to investigate to make sure all proper protocols were followed:

The Idaho Falls Police Department will conduct its own investigation to determine if proper protocols were followed.

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2021 02 11 07 24

Fed’s Economy: the “Wealth Effect” and How it Impacts Americans Individually

Is Bitcoin A Ponzi Scheme?

Stock analyst Lyn Alden argues it is not.

The broadest definition of a Ponzi scheme refers to any system that must continually keep operating to remain functional, or that has frictional costs. Bitcoin doesn’t really meet this broader definition of a Ponzi scheme any more than the gold market, the global fiat banking system, or less liquid markets like fine art, fine wine, collectable cars, or beachfront property. In other words, if your definition of something is so broad that it includes every non-cashflow store of value, you need a better definition.

2021 02 03 14 51

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