‘Fox News spoke to one of the people who was copied on the email, who confirmed its authenticity.’

by | Oct 20, 2020

Okay? There.

If you allowed James “Iraqi WMD/NSA Perjury” Clapper and the TV tell you to regurgitate Russia Russia Russia whenever someone mentions Crackhead Hunter Biden’s corruption and that his father lied about having nothing to do with his business dealings, as shown in these leaked emails, then here, go ahead and throw yourself down some stairs because I said so and apparently you’re that stupid.

The way the media and big tech have it in the bag for Biden this year is really something else. Twice as bad as last time. And I am not a Trump supporter. Just a liberal- and media-hater.

Update: Biden Spokeswoman: “I Don’t Think Anybody Is Saying They Are Inauthentic

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