Gun Owners Of America Officially Supports Maj Toure For City Council

by | Aug 13, 2019

The NRA would never support Maj, but GOA has thrown it’s support behind Maj.

Great News!  Maj Toure, the GOA-endorsed candidate for Philadelphia City Council, is officially on the ballot for the November, 2019, general election.

Erich and Maj
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Erich Pratt and Maj Toure

Maj is the founder of Black Guns Matter.

He is sticking up for the Second Amendment rights of all Philadelphians, especially those in urban areas.

Maj isn’t afraid to reveal the racist roots of gun control: “If you are in support of the racist practice of gun control, you are no longer fit to serve,”  stated Maj at the 2nd Amendment rally in Harrisburg on May 6th.  Please watch the video of some of his rally comments.

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