I Think I Just Saved Democracy. You’re Welcome.

by | Aug 25, 2019

My latest hairbrained scheme that just might work. The U.S. Capital used to be in New York City, but became so infested with lobbyists it had to move to Philadelphia, and then again to what is now Washington, D.C. One look at D.C. and obviously we need another move. This is going to keep happening, so how about we have each state take turns running the country each year? This also gives states a balance of power without the Electoral College! Colorado’s turn will legalize weed on a national level, New Hampshire will have a national ban on compulsory auto insurance, and Nevada will legalize everything else. Sure it also means we’ll have to put up with Massachusetts putting cranberries in everything, South Dakota making us build them a city, and then Florida making oranges our national bird, but the things that don’t work out can be quickly overridden by the next state. Who’s with me?!

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