Impeaching Trump

by | Apr 23, 2019

The liberals are bent on impeaching Trump. Utilitarian electoral calculations are their only considerations.

But how to impeach after he just got no-billed by the grand jury on the big collusion plot that never was, and no more than half-assed recommended for future possible charges on obstruction in the case of the big collusion plot that never was.

Hush money for hos?

That’s some pretty thin gruel.

But I sympathize. All presidents should be impeached. And Trump is certainly no exception to that. But after the complete implosion of Russiagate, demands to impeach the president certainly ring partisan and shallow.

If you really want to remove Trump, there’s only one way to do it right and do it for real:

The Democrats are going to have to call for the prosecution of Barack H. Obama for waging an unauthorized, illegal, literally treasonous, genocidal war in Yemen.

Once his indictment is returned, and it is proven that they are really going through with his prosecution, it will then be safe for the House to begin impeachment proceedings against Donald J. Trump and with a bipartisan consensus to move forward in the Senate with removal from office, whereupon a new grand jury will be waiting to indict him on the very same charges.

No need to get all martyr-y here. Life without parole in the Supermax in cages next to Ramzi Yousef and Ted Kaczynski would be appropriate for both.

Does this seem silly? That the federal laws against war crimes, the Geneva Conventions, the recently invoked War Powers Resolution; that these things would apply in real life to American presidents who deliberately slaughter helpless babies? That the Democrats would ever in a million years sacrifice their number one hero in order to prove they’re being fair when removing Trump, the greatest menace humanity has ever faced, according to them, on the most severe charges that could be brought against him? That they would do so even as a last ditch attempt to enforce the War Powers Resolution to stop this genocidal war and save those babies’ lives?

Of course it is silly. Government employees in America are far above and beyond the law. They can murder whichever babies the feel like. The House and Senate will always and forever appropriate all the money necessary as they click their heels and salute. No matter what. Partisan advantage will never concede to a genocide. Not in America. Not of Arabs. Never.


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