News Roundup 1/29/18

by | Jan 29, 2018

  • New dash cam footage shows police officers killing a young man. [Link]
  • The San Diego government is spending $100,000s on Porta-Potties. [Link]
  • Immigration enforcement agents gain access to licenses plate tracking database. [Link]
  • 2018 will be a good year for weapons makers. [Link]
  • The United States Air Force started it’s largest-ever war games. [Link]
  • Conn Hallinan explains how easily nuclear war can start. [Link]
  • Philip Giraldi responds to the new National Defense Strategy. [Link]
  • The new Honduran police chief helped smuggle a massive shipment of cocaine. [Link]
  • In a trip to the Middle East House Speaker Ryan calls on UK, France, and Germany to impose tougher sanctions on Iran. [Link]
  • The Islamic State in Libya closing in on recapturing Sirte. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia releases Prince Alaweed bin Talal from detention at the Ritz Carlton. [Link] Saudi Arabia announced bonuses for state government employees. [Link]
  • Trump says the US will end all aid to Palestine unless the Palestinians engage in talks with Israel. [Link]
  • The Pentagon continues to support the Afghani military units guilty of war crimes, including child rape. [Link]
  • The US has nearly three squadrons of Reaper Drones in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Over 100 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul. The Taliban are behind the attack that used an ambulance. [Link]
  • Ten Iraqi Security Force troops were killed when a US coalition plane accidentally bombed them. [Link]
  • Turkey demands US troops withdraw from Manbij. The US troops provide support to the YPG in Manbij. [Link]
  • Stephen Kinzer explains how the US is getting stuck in another endless war in Syria. [Link]
  • In Yemen, Southern Separatists attempted a coup against the Saudi backed government. [Link]

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