NYT Piece on the History of Barak and Netanyahu Trying to Get the US to Bomb Iran

by | Sep 4, 2019

Here. Some good stuff in there if not the whole context.

(Also, Mazzetti knows that Iran has never attempted to create “highly enriched uranium, the fuel to build a nuclear bomb,” therefore they could not possibly begin to do so “once again.” [Technically, 20% U-235 can be called “highly enriched,” but that’s still far below the ~90% required to make a bomb, so it’s at best an invidious conflation.] I don’t know if his co-author knows that, but Mazzetti’s past reporting on this issue has been substantive, even if often Sanger-tainted. He must know better. So, is liar. Or he just has a terrible editor and has to take the lumps.)

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