Operation Victory From Allah

by | Sep 30, 2019

The Yemen Houthi cross-border attack against Saudi forces was a well planned and executed operation as described in the video below posted by Nasser Arrybee.  The Yemen Houthi used 10 ballistic missiles against the coalition air base which prevented the coalition fighter jets from taking off and supporting the ground troops.  The Yemeni air defense also engaged Apache attack helicopters and prevented them from entering the operation theater.  The Houthi launched drone strikes as a diversion tactic which included one attack against a military target in Riyadh.  If this is all true it represents a major strategic victory for the Yemenis.  While all this is going on, a major fire broke out in the Haramain high-speed rail station in Saudi Arabia’s coastal city of Jeddah, injuring at least five people.  Also, a high ranking body guard to two Saudi kings was killed in a gun fight.  General Abdulaziz al-Faghem was shot by a “friend” during a personal dispute.  Neither of these incidents involved Yemen but they do give an impression that Saudi Arabia is in a bit of chaos.  Will the US and other western allies step in at some point?  Washington DC is engulfed in impeachment, the UK in Brexit, Germany’s economy is tanking (which means the entire Eurozone is in trouble), Canada is led by a man that can’t figure out if he is black, white or Hindu.  Of course, what better way for western leaders to distract the attention of the plebs than a good old war with lots of jets, bombs and dead Arabs.  All this is happening while Saudi Arabia is trying to get it’s Aramco IPO off the ground which involves a who’s who of international bankers.  Think about this, one of the poorest countries in the world is threatening the stability of the western world order – amazing!

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