Friday, December 14, 2018


What a World

Man: Equal rights for Palestinians!

Zionists: Obvious code for genocide!

CNN: Pack your shit and get out.

Episode 187: Subverting the State w/ Counter Economics and Agorism

42 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Pete welcomes Sal Mayweather to the show. Known on Twitter as “Sal the Agorist,” Sal, much like Pete, gained fame for posting liberty themed memes on Twitter. Sal started a podcast called “The Agora,” in which he concentrates his efforts on teaching the themes of “counter economics,” or Agorism.

Sal and Pete talk about ways that anyone can use agorist principles to subvert State control, and more importantly, starve them of their most powerful tool; our money and support.

Link to Sal’s Website and Podcast

Karl Hess: Toward Liberty

Sal on Twitter

‘Single Payer’ Healthcare is Just Fascism

What did you think would happen? Dependence is slavery.

Jim Bovard on the ‘Truth Will Out’ Political Fairy Tale

Jim Bovard continues killing it for the Future of Freedom Foundation.

And check out his great new article about Assange and Wikileaks.

Episode 186: Prepping for an Economic Downturn w/ Jack Spirko

44 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Mance welcomes ‘The Survival Podcast” host, Jack Spirko to the show. In the history of this podcast, Jack is the one guest that has been requested Mance have on more than any other.

Jack goes over some basic prepping for emergency situations in the beginning of the episode, but concentrates most on what he is counseling people to do to prepare for what he sees as a coming economic downturn. He talks everything from financial to food to defense prep and more

The Survival Podcast

Mance’s Patreon

The Lobby — USA

In case you missed it…

Via the human rights activists at Electronic Intifada, an incredible — long-suppressed — piece of hidden camera investigative journalism by Al Jazeera: “The Lobby — USA.”

Watch all four parts below:

Bernie’s Contract On America

Yeah, yeah free money for everyone.

And not ONE WORD about the wars.

(Also: Truthdig loves Max Boot. #liberalism)

The Antiwar Comic: Some Problems With Trump

Interesting comments with this one.  For a long time, I was accused of defending Trump, now that I’m critical of him, those who yelled at me before praise me and vice versa.

The Antiwar Comic:  Some Problems With Trump

More comics at the Webcomic Factory.

Episode 185: Free Speech, Libertarian Outreach and the Federal Reserve w/ Jeff Deist

56 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Pete welcomes the president of the Mises Institute, Jeff Deist. Jeff returns to the show to talk about free speech issues, a challenge to Pete on his social media posts and, of course, the enemy that is the Federal Reserve.

Mises Institute

Jeff’s Article on Illiberalism

Episode 75 w/ Jeff Deist

Mance’s Patreon

Episode 184: An ‘Ask Me Anything’ w/ Washington D.C. Lobbyist ‘Colin’

86 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Mance welcomed D.C. lobbyist ‘Colin” back to the show for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with his Patreon subscribers.

Colin answered as many questions as were sent his was for almost 90 minutes.

Episode 141 With Colin

Mance’s Patreon

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