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Like all things, drone racing is the cutting edge of pressing the technology into the future, not government.It’s these small and arcane subculture that drive innovation.

Did I say not government?

The Drone Racing League with tens of thousands of members. The market delivers.

Mike Rowe does drones:
How the US Navy spends your money.
And you thought the idea of the Soviet political commissar, zampolit, was dead?
CDR Salamander has been doing Diversity Thursday for years; a rich gold mine of government perfidy, incompetence and rake-stomping.
IED kills Boeing, news at eleven…
This is a chaos avalanche of IED, the murder of the work ethic, the natural inability of the government to ever dynamically regulate anything with a competent hand and the inevitable result of a government K-PhD education system that institutionally cannot create critical thinkers and instead creates massive subsidized cartels of the dumbest people in human history.

“Boeing is the most visible example because every problem—like, say, a bolt that falls off—gets amplified. But this is happening everywhere around us, and it is going to have a huge effect. DEI and ESG became a way to stop talking honestly to employees.

We need to tear off the veil of all this coded language that is being used everywhere, and our elites need to recover some sense of service to people. They think they have it already because they are reciting these shibboleths of moral virtue: “I am serving because I am repeating what everyone else is saying about DEI.” It’s a form of cheap self-love that is being embraced by leaders. If you pay the tax to the DEI gods or the ESG gods and use coded language with your workforce, it absolves you of the hard work of really leading.”

To quote VanDiego:

“Regulatory agencies are not competent to oversee Boeing, much less any other company or industry. They are like shaman that engage in chanting and trickery to convince their unsuspecting victims that they have actual power. The problems were not one of incorrectly designed or uncorrected installed parts. The problems were systemic and beyond the purview or ability of regulatory bureaucrats to understand, much less correct. The moving of the HQ, the hiring of incompetent leadership, the change in goals from product competition to rent seeking through government contracts and protection, are what caused these troubles. The faulty parts are simply the physical manifestation of bad systems in place. No amount of regulation can deal with this.”

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Listen to Chasing Ghosts: An Irregular Warfare Podcast

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