Wounded Knee Redux?

by | Nov 16, 2016

The leadership of the Tohono O’odham peoples is opposed to Donald Trump’s border wall.  The tribe’s historic homelands lie in the U.S. and Mexico and include 75 miles of U.S. – Mexico border.  Their U.S. land holdings consist of 2.8 million acres in Arizona. Tribal vice chairman Verlon Jose stated this week that Trump’s border wall will be built on his tribe’s border homeland, “over my dead body.”  Jose indicated that his tribe has crisscrossed the border lands longer than recorded history and that any wall impeding the tribe’s movement (across what is called the U.S. – Mexico border by self-proclaimed overarching collectivist entities) would not be tolerated.  It will be interesting to see what happens if the belligerent nationalists of the empire try to install a new Berlin wall on tribal land to make the new Iron Curtain more of a tangible reality.

David Hathaway

David Hathaway

David Hathaway is a rancher and homeschooling father of nine children. He is the elected sheriff of Santa Cruz County, Arizona.

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