Will Grigg Memorial Service

Copied from Go Fund Me page for Will Grigg's family: A memorial for William N. Grigg will be held at Vision Community Church in Marsing, Idaho on Saturday, April 29th. The address is 221 W. Main Street, Marsing, Idaho 83639. There will be a luncheon at 12:30 PM and the memorial will follow at 2:00 PM. Following the service, any who want to join are welcome to drive to Vale, Oregon to meet at the graveside. Feel free to contact me at woodscraps@gmail.com if you have any questions. -A.J. Ellis Help spread the word! [P.S. Cemetery where Will Grigg will be interred is: Valley View Cemetery, 1699...

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One Hundred Will Griggs

I was as guilty as others when it came to referring atrocities to Will Grigg. He had his plate full covering the injustices in his little corner of the world. Because of Will, we became aware of the extent of the vile activities of the “punitive priesthood” in his area.  Because of his documentation of his little piece of the Northwest U.S., a reader might conclude that it was filled with a concentrated dose of the most irredeemable jerks in the country. But, as I (and possibly you), became aware of the exact same plunder-funded abuses in my area, I would gleefully shoot off a note to Will...

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Tax-bloated Border Bandit Fuels Mercedes on Taxpayer Dime

Juan Fernando Barajas was arraigned this month for using ten government fuel cards to pump more than $1,700 worth of fuel into his personal black Mercedes-Benz SUV. The Nogales-based U.S. border officer also appeared to be fueling his personal F-150 extended cab pickup with the cards in security videos. Barajas, displaying the wide girth which is a hallmark of many of the tax-feeding class, was betrayed by that very trait when cameras at multiple gas stations documented the additional layer of parasitic behavior. Some de jour on-line comments about this story tend to suggest that Barajas’...

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Porous National Borders Are Economic Safety Valves

Central planners rarely guess correctly when they attempt to conjure up the right combination of land, labor, and capital and then impose it on “society” or on a “nation” to ensure prosperity. Their efforts at soothsaying the correct economic recipe to facilitate a happy existence for mankind are doomed to failure. They do not understand that the benevolent invisible hand of the market is driven by individual human action and cannot be planned in advance by anyone or imposed by “society;” much less by tyrants who have their own hidden agenda for their corralled tax livestock. Unrestrained,...

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Outbound Border Seizures

When states cooperate, we all lose.  The one saving feature of the Southwest Border is that Mexico has let people—and their stuff—cross freely into Mexico. Just walk across or drive across—­up until now.  The overarching empire now thinks that Mexico needs to up its game and more fully partake in the process of stealing from and crushing the humans. It has been incremental. Several years ago, DHS started defying “legality” by quietly and randomly searching people leaving the U.S. going into Mexico. Now it is a semi-permanent fixture with dedicated areas for “southbound searches.” Seizures...

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Christianity vs Christendom

Different individuals and sects claiming the label of “Christian” fall on different points on the scale when defining their faith as personal or societal. Some see their brethren’s reciprocal, collective affirmations and acceptance into shared rituals as essential to their own personal Christian status.  Others see only the personal relationship with God as the essential factor. Some embrace a Christianity that acts on a united front to achieve group goals while others see Christianity as a walk of personal discipleship amongst others who may be different in their beliefs and actions. Why...

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Warmongers and Fern Feelers Unite!

The neocon bomb-dropping right and the anti-human left have both been death advocates trying to use the state to destroy mankind in their own disparate ways -- up until now. Wonder of wonders, they now feel no moral confusion when they are wedded in the latest plunder-funded DOD scheme to put private property under government control for the benefit of the military and the bugs. This wonderful multi-million dollar program dispenses glee to a range of political adversaries by promising to keep people from developing their land so that military drones -- and non-human living creatures -- will...

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