Year Zero: Mob Tactics

by | Sep 3, 2019

In Episode 62 Tommy looks at the death of Frank Olson at the hands of the CIA. For over 60 years the death of his father has tormented Eric Olson, Frank’s eldest son, and after exhuming the body in 1994 forensics concluded Frank had been murdered in 1953. Today the government’s story still persists – Frank Olson was slipped LSD as an experiment and he jumped from a 13 floor hotel window. But some people know the truth. “The old timers love it. The tradecraft won.” Seymour Hersh jeered at the thought of the truth being hidden for so long, but what’s good for the CIA isn’t necessarily good for freedom.

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Tommy Salmons

Tommy Salmons

Tommy Salmons is the host of Year Zero, a podcast focusing on government abuse of power.

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