Don’t Tread on Anyone

Why I’m Not a Libertarian – REBUTTED

Why I’m Not a Libertarian – REBUTTED

Any rebuttal to libertarianism must address why a group of people called government has extra rights than all other organizations.

If taxation for example is morally justified, why does only the state have the right to engage in taxation? Shouldn’t anyone who yields a benefit to society have the right to take money by force from others?  The arguments of Rationality Rules are illogical since for no morally justified reason, he claims a group called ‘government’ can morally initiate violence against peaceful people.

Golden Rule Philosophy. Marc Victor and Keith Knight.

Golden Rule Philosophy. Marc Victor and Keith Knight.

Summary of Live and Let Live Philosophy (3LP) from

Live and Let Live Principles


Competent adults own themselves. They are entitled to be the sole rulers of their bodies, their property, their money and their time. Self-ownership is the foundational principle of freedom. If you don’t own yourself, you simply can’t be free. If someone else owns you, then you are a slave. Owning your property, your money and your time follow from owning yourself. These items of property are things you can peacefully acquire through trade or as a result of applying yourself and investing your time. As such, you own your money and your property which you have peacefully acquired.

Government’s proper role is to act as our agent in a non-coercive way to protect our rights to both define and peacefully pursue our happiness. Legitimate governments are instituted to secure our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As such, rights do not come from the government; they exist independently of government. Individuals voluntarily grant government the right to act as their agent to assist them in securing their rights. As an agent, the government cannot legitimately assume powers the principal does not have to delegate. Individuals have the legitimate right to control themselves. They do not have a right to control or coerce other competent adults. As such, individuals cannot legitimately use government to control others; only to protect themselves to the extent they could on their own.

Competent adults ought to be free to engage in any voluntary and peaceful contracts they see fit with other competent adults. They also have a right not to trade if they so choose. Peaceful agreements between consenting adults are their own business. So long as no other person or another’s property or money is involved, whatever two or more competent adults decide to do with their bodies, money or property is their own business. Just because something is legally permitted does not mean others must approve of the agreement or hold it to be moral. Nonetheless, in a free society, free, competent adults decide for themselves how to live their lives. Moreover, just because free people are free to trade does not mean they are compelled to trade. Free people can abstain from trading with any person for any reason.

No adult has a right to live at the expense of another adult without either a contractual or fiduciary obligation. Free people are in charge of themselves. They can decide to help others in any manner, at any time, in any amount they choose. Free people are also free to choose not to help others. Many free people voluntarily choose to assist others. This is a moral question that free people are at liberty to resolve for themselves. However, no person has a legal claim to the peacefully acquired property of another person simply because of their need. In a free society, property rights are strictly respected and protected. The need of one person, however dire, does not legitimately permit that person to trespass on another’s rights.

The free market is the best way to raise standards of living and to create and deliver goods and services to those who want them at the most efficient price. I support free-market capitalism. Free market capitalism is the only economic system that is compatible with a free society. Indeed, free-market capitalism is the default setting in a free society. In a free market, people are allowed to venture their capital to pursue their own interests in an effort to create wealth. People who do a good job are rewarded economically and those who don’t are punished economically. The free market of consumers determines winners and losers. A truly free market always raises standards of living in a society. The government shouldn’t intervene to help or hinder business unless force or fraud is involved. In a free society, individuals are always free to choose a socialist system and pool their resources so long as it is voluntary among the participants. No person should ever be forced to join a collective.

Competent adults have a right to defend themselves against aggressors. I support the right of competent adults to peacefully own, keep and bear arms. Self-defense is a basic human right. No person is obligated to have a weapon or to defend him or herself. However, if a peaceful competent adult chooses to have a firearm, no other person has a legitimate right to interfere. People who initiate force with firearms should be punished.

I do not support the initiation of force against non-aggressors. The use of reasonable and appropriate force is always legitimate in defense of one’s self or another person or property. However, the intentional initiation of force against a non-aggressor is the hallmark of criminal activity and should always be prohibited. Sometimes determining who the aggressor is in a given situation can be challenging. Nonetheless, the principle remains that intentionally initiating force against a non-aggressor is a wrong that the law should always prohibit. A free society requires that peaceful people are free from having force imposed upon them.

In a free society, competent adults ought to decide for themselves what substances to put into their own bodies. However, no person has a right to endanger another for any reason. Being free necessitates being in charge of yourself. Prohibiting a competent adult from ingesting a substance merely because it is harmful to himself or herself is in contradiction to the mandates of a free society. Free people own themselves and are free to use or abuse their bodies in any way they choose so long as they do not endanger or trespass on the rights of others. So long as competent adults do not endanger others and continue to meet their obligations to any children they have, they should not be prohibited from ingesting any particular substance into their own bodies.

Free people ought to be free to worship in any manner they see fit or not to worship at all. The government should not interfere with religious beliefs or be involved in any way with religion. A free society requires that people determine for themselves what religion, if any, they will subscribe to and how they worship, who they worship or if they worship at all. A free society must be entirely legally tolerant of the peaceful religious or non-religious views of others. Religion is a private matter not involving government in any way. As such, the government must neither advance nor inhibit any particular religious or non-religious views. Free people are free to promote any religion publicly or to discourage it. Private property may be used as the owner sees fit to advance or discourage any particular religious view. The government must remain strictly uninvolved.

The government should not be involved in sanctioning marriage. Competent adults have a right to marry one another regardless of their sexual orientation, race, or religious beliefs. Marriage is a private matter between free and competent adults. The government should have no role whatsoever in marriage. If free and competent adults want to be married, they are free to observe or create whatever ceremony, traditions, vows or rules they see fit to employ. Free people can utilize whatever marriage contract they voluntarily agree to honor. However, just because people assert they are married, does not require anyone else to accept their assertion or to adhere to their definition. No private person or private organization is required to recognize any marriage that fails to comply with their rules and requirements.

All victimless ‘crimes’ should be abolished. The justice system should deal with people who trespass against others by force or fraud and with people who recklessly subject others to risk of harm. Victimless ‘crimes’ are simply attempts to legislate morality. Moral issues are private matters that free and competent adults are entitled to consider and resolve for themselves. It is not the proper role of government to impose any particular morality on another free, competent adult. However, just because an act is legal does not mean anyone is required to accept it as moral. Indeed, people are free to attempt to try and persuade others to accept their particular moral code and discourage others from engaging in any particular act. Free people are at liberty to entirely reject the moral judgments of others and to attempt to persuade others to accept their moral judgments, so long as there is no coercion or initiation of force.

Free people are allowed to express any opinions they want. I support free speech and the free marketplace of ideas. People are free to accept or reject any ideas they choose. The government should not censor speech. Free and uncensored speech is another hallmark of a free society. It is also a deeply rooted American principle. All speech, including offensive, unpopular, disrespectful, racist and other varieties of offensive speech should be strictly protected. Supporting the right to free speech does not mean one agrees with what is being said. It simply confirms the notion that the government has no right to censor the opinions of a free person however unpopular. However, no person has a right to trespass on another’s private property for any reason including to express an opinion. No person has a right to force others to listen to their opinions.

I am interested in helping advance the cause of freedom. Free People are not required to do anything, in particular, to help advance the cause of liberty. However, being interested in helping advance the cause of freedom means that you have an interest in doing something to help promote a free society. Some people vote for pro-freedom candidates or even run for office. Other people write articles, speak to groups, donate money to pro-freedom organizations, or simply advocate for freedom with their friends and family. The Arizona Freedom Network is comprised of pro-freedom business people who are willing to act in some way, however slight, to assist in the great and worthy cause of fighting for human freedom. Freedom is worth the effort.   To be a member of the Live and Let Live Business Directory you must freely and voluntarily support the principles in the Live and Let Live Pledge above.

Live and Let Live Principles

Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy? – Essay Summary

Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy? – Essay Summary

Every criticism of free markets, applies ten-fold to the state. The most obvious example- “we need a central government to keep order”. Five questions/points to keep in mind-

  1. Government is the number one cause of war and jailing for victimless crimes which is the epitome of chaos
  2. Why do those who believe monopolies are bad, advocate the state monopolizing law and order?
  3. If we don’t have one religion we all belong to, won’t we all just kill each other fighting over which one others should follow?
  4. Who watches the watchers? What if Brazil and South Africa have a disagreement? Should a world government be imposed to solve issues? Don’t countries today exist in a state of anarchy?
  5. What bad thing exists in the free market that does not exist in government?


“Once admit any right of secession whatever, and there is no logical stopping-point short of the right of individual secession, which logically entails anarchism, since then individuals may secede and patronize their own defense agencies, and the State has crumbled.”

Murray N. Rothbard
Ethics of Liberty, p. 182


Secession is a crucial part of the libertarian philosophy: that every state be allowed to secede from the nation, every sub-state from the state, every neighborhood from the city, and, logically, every individual or group from the neighborhood.

Murray N. Rothbard
Libertarian Forum v. 1, p. 17


Anarcho-Capitalism: The Only Moral System

Anarcho-Capitalism: The Only Moral System

Based on the following definitions, I make the case that free market anarchism is the only moral system for humans to live under.

Anarchy: A social system based on the recognition that no person or group of persons has the right to rule or initiate violence or aggression against any person or group of persons

Capitalism: A social system based on the explicit recognition of private property and non aggressive contracts between private property owners

Socialism: The institutionalized aggression against private property and private property claims

Communism: The abolition of private property

Two ways to justly acquire private property- voluntary exchange/contract and original appropriation/homesteading.



A monumental scam throughout history has been getting people to criticize technicalities of an issue, rather than the foundational problem.  The problem with government is NOT that some are monarchies, some are racist, some are sexist, some rule caring only about 1% of people, etc.  The problem with government is that it initiates violence against peaceful people.  The scam is getting people to focus on changing an inconsequential aspect of something immoral so they can feel as though they are making positive change occur, when in reality they are much like a child who thinks the toy wheel controls the fake car while unbeknownst to the child, the adult is making all the decisions unilaterally.

The solution to the problem of government is NOT- campaign finance reform, term limits, diversity quotas, the fact that there are 535 congress people; all these avoid the root problem.

The solution is to change public opinion on how people see the state, recognizing that violence is immoral for all people, even if they get together in a group and call themselves government.

Private Law & Defense by Robert P. Murphy – Essay Summary

Private Law & Defense by Robert P. Murphy – Essay Summary

I give an essay summary and analysis of Chaos Theory by Robert P. Murphy.

In short, a stateless society would not be perfect, but all imperfections of the market apply ten fold to the state.  Voluntary funded competition provides better quality and lower prices than coercively funded monopoly. What makes the state unique is that it claims the monopoly right to initiate violence against peaceful people. The ultimate check and balance is the ability to stop funding/participating with an organization.

John Rawls, A Theory of Justice – REBUTTED

John Rawls, A Theory of Justice – REBUTTED

To summarize Rawls-

“So much of life is the result of circumstance that no person can be entitled to what they “earn”, therefore one group of people called government has the monopoly right to initiate violence against peaceful people”

Libertarian: “So congress has no real right to pass laws since they just happened to live in a time and geographical area where some registered voters happened to vote for them instead of another person? Do police have the right to arrest me for victimless crimes since they just happened to get hired by a group that happened to have recognized jurisdiction in a place the government happens to control? Does someone in Haiti have the right to take property by force from a ‘poor’ person in America who is wealthy compared to their standards?”

Separation of Economy and State

Separation of Economy and State

If a group of people do not coercively monopolize how a country thinks, won’t people think bad thoughts thus do bad things? Shouldn’t we have common sense thought control? If this “cure” seems worse than the disease, you might support separation of economy and state for the same moral and economic reasons you support separation of church and state.

Book Summary – Origins of Voluntaryism

Book Summary – Origins of Voluntaryism

Auberon Herbert (1838-1906) was an English radical individualist who was influenced by the work of Herbert Spencer. With a group of other late Victorian classical liberals he was active in such organizations as the Personal Rights and Self-Help Association and the Liberty and Property Defense League. He formulated a system of “thorough” individualism that he described as “voluntaryism.”

This is a summary of his excellent essay, The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State (1885)

What is Libertarianism?

What is Libertarianism?

“The Libertarian creed rests upon one central axiom: That no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone else…..Libertarians make no exceptions to the golden rule and provide no moral loophole for ‘government’.” – For a New Liberty by Murray N. Rothbard, 1973

Common Objections to Free Markets – REBUTTED! Antony Davies and Keith Knight

Common Objections to Free Markets – REBUTTED! Antony Davies and Keith Knight

Antony Davies is an associate professor of economics at Duquesne University and Mercatus Affiliated Senior Scholar at George Mason University. His primary research interests include econometrics and public policy.

Find Mr. Davies at his website:

His podcast:

And on Learn Liberty:

The Brief Case Against Democratic Socialism – Deirdre McCloskey

The Brief Case Against Democratic Socialism – Deirdre McCloskey

Imagine saying, “You Ma’m have benefited from the achievements of the Catholic Church. Therefore, the Catholic Church has the right to force you to fund it, force your children to attend Sunday mass, and cage you for not following Church edicts. Without the Catholic Church there would be no Commandments, and without those we would have chaos and no idea what right and wrong are. Do you thing we should believe in nothing and ‘regulate’ ourselves?”

Understanding this analogy is critical to defeating the statist mindset.

Since Democratic socialism is a growing part of statism, I ask author Deirdre McCloskey what her elevator pitch is against democratic socialism.


Why Everyone Should Support Free Markets

Why Everyone Should Support Free Markets

Economist Donald J. Boudreaux from George Mason University makes the case for free market capitalism, while I play devils advocate.


What is free market capitalism?

What is the difference between government and the free market?

Do free markets protect consumers?

Do free markets protect workers?

Do free markets create monopolies?

Why are some countries wealthy and some poor?

And more!


The Conscience of a Liberal by Paul Krugman – REBUTTED

The Conscience of a Liberal by Paul Krugman – REBUTTED

Economist Robert P. Murphy and I discuss Krugman’s take on leftism, the morality of the state, welfare, economic cycles, inequality, the great depression and much more!

In short, Krugman fails to explain why the state has a moral right to do things (initiate violence against peaceful people to collect taxes, cage them for victimless crimes, etc.) no other group has the right to do, rendering his thesis not only contradictory but also immoral.


How to DEBUNK Libertarianism!

How to DEBUNK Libertarianism!

What would libertarians need to hear, in order to change their minds on supporting libertarianism?

Like any other theory or claim, we must define it, then find a way it can be falsified in order to avoid engaging in “moving the goal post” or confirmation bias.

Libertarianism: The moral philosophy that no person or group of persons have the right to initiate violence of fraud, and just acquisition of property comes from contract/voluntary exchange, original appropriation or proportionate restitution from aggressors.

What makes the state (all governments) illegitimate? It exercises control over resources that its agents never acquired through original appropriation or voluntary exchange, and it does so without the consent of the rightful owners of said resources.

To refute this claim, one must explain either (a) states do not initiate violence, or (b) violence is justified when a group called government does it.

If (a) of (b), they must then explain why states have a monopoly on rights no other group has- Does the Libertarian Institute have a right to ‘collect taxes’ or cage people for victimless crimes via ‘legislation’ they write, or engage in ‘compulsory education of children’?


The Libertarian Case for Equality

The Libertarian Case for Equality

Can one consistently believe a majority of 535 congressmen have the right to coercively rule 330 million Americans, and believe in equality?

If you believe one group should monopolize AR-15s and taxation, do you believe in equality?

In this video, I attempt to refute the statist position on equality, and justify the claim that only the libertarian/voluntarist position is dedicated to achieving equality in the genuine sense; equality of rights under natural law.


News Roundup

News Roundup 6/1/20

The Murder of George Floyd The police officer who murdered George Floyd has been charged with manslaughter and murder. Derek Chauvin and three other officers were fired after they murdered Floyd. [Link] Will Porter covers the protests, looting, and police brutality....


April 26, 1992. Again.

April 26, 1992. There was a riot on the street, tell me, where were you? I get the feeling the majority of you rioting right now were either too young or not even born yet when that song made its rounds. Didn’t quite have the ability for those events to make their...

Want to end the protests and riots? End the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs is the immediate cause of, and pretext for, the system of oppression, and police violence and militarization. Ending the War on Drugs is also a project that can unite rather than divide, something that people from different races and different...

Flynn-Kislyak Call Transcript Released

As we already knew, the bad part is him trying to get Russia to veto the UNSC Israel-Palestine resolution. The part about the sanctions and avoiding "tough guy" "tit-for-tat" escalation of tensions over Obama's sanctions was perfectly fine if not heroic.

Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend’s 911 Call

Kenneth Walker clearly had no idea that the men who murdered his girlfriend were members of his local security force. For weeks they called her a "suspect" to dehumanize her -- every single member of local TV news surely went along with this as they always do -- and...

The Scott Horton Show

Free Man Beyond the Wall

Foreign Policy Focus

Trump Withdraws from Another Important Treaty with Russia

On FPF #495, I discuss the US leaving the Open Skies Treaty. The treaty allows for member states to conduct surveillance flights over each other. The treaty is key to keeping countries informed about each other's military capabilities. Without the treaty in place, war...

News Roundup 5/20/20

US News Senator Rand Paul says no-knock warrants should be abolished. [Link] Sam Jacobs explains how civil asset forfeiture has led to rampant police abuse and policing for profit. [Link] An email from Susan Rice from inauguration day has been released. The email...

Trump Fires IG Looking Into Saudi Weapon Sales

On FPF #494, I discuss Trump's decision to fire the State Department Inspector General. At the time the IG was fired, the office was looking into State Department head Mike Pompeo. Pompeo a target because the State Dept continued to push to sell weapons to Saudi...

Don't Tread on Anyone

What is ‘the State’ or ‘the Government’?

... the State is the organization of robbery systematized and writ large. Th e State is the only legal institution in society that acquires its revenue by the use of coercion, by using enough violence and threat of violence on its victims to ensure their paying the...

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