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So What Is A Neoliberal Anyway? w. Neoliberal Project

Jeremiah Johnson (director at Neoliberal Project and host of Neoliberal Podcast) and I chat about what exactly is the definition of a neoliberal, the various ways in which neoliberals and libertarians are similar, how we’re not (and no we’re actually not the same thing) and how we can all get along

Go check them out at and @ne0liberal on Twitter

The Democratic Debate Dumpster Fire Round 4

Yes. This again. These debates keep happening. And the will continue to happen. Because this is the election cycle that never ends and we live in hell.

As per usual, I give my personal highlights, winners and losers, and complain that the DNC needs to make this stop

Here is my Patreon, please give me money that I will need to afford therapy after all this –

The District 15 Diversity Plan w. Matt Welch

So school district 15 in NYC is going through some…shall we say…interesting changes. Matt happens to live in said district and has been writing about it for Reason so we sat down to have a chat about what the hell is going on, the deeper implications of it all, how the plan is being shoved down parent’s throats (this is the ugly part), and why you should care


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