Foreign Policy Focus #110 – Catalonia Declares Independence

by | Oct 27, 2017

Foreign Policy Focus #110 – Catalonia Declares Independence

by | Oct 27, 2017

On FPF #110, I discuss the Catalan Parliment declaring independence from Spain. The Catalan Parliment voted in the face of several threats from the Spanish government. The Spanish President is hoping to invade Catalonia in response. I also call on my audience to contact their Representative and ask them to support H.Con.Res 81.


  • The Trump administration is imposing new screening and interviews on travelers coming into the US. American citizens are subject to the searches and interviews. [Link]
  • Twitter banned Russia Today and Spudnik News from running ads. [Link]
  • Vice President Pence said the US will provide more aid and protection to Christians living in the Middle East. [Link]
  • Senator Chris Murphy will introduce a bill to prevent Trump from attacking North Korea without Congressional approval. [Link]
  • Peter Van Buren argues mutually assured destruction will prevent war between the US and North Korea. [Link]
  • Nick Turse lays out the history of US interventionism in Niger. [Link]
  • Trump says China is helping the US in North Korea and Russia is hurting American efforts. [Link]
  • The Catalan Parliment will vote on declaring independence. [Link]
  • The Iraqi army has announced they are attacking Islamic State targets on the border with Syria. Peshmerga forces are reporting they are being attacked by the Iraqi army as well. [Link]
  • Turkey and Iraq say the Kurds freezing their independence referendum isn’t good enough. [Link]
  • Tillerson says Assad is on his way out in Syria. [Link]
  • The FEC has filed a complaint against Hillary Clinton for failing to disclose payments related to the Trump dossier. [Link]
  • In March 2013, a Saudi price provided arms to the Free Syrian Army and ordered them to attack Damascus. The attack included shelling of the Assad palace and Damascus airport. [Link]
  • US F-35s will be deployed overseas for the first time. 12 F-35s will be stationed in Japan. [Link]
  • The House passed a bill with the harshest sanctions ever against North Korea. The sanctions prevent anyone with ties to the US from doing business with North Korea. [Link]
  • The US has been pushing the Niger government to be able to carry out drone strikes in Niger. The deaths of the four US soldiers could be enough to talk the Niger government into allowing drone strikes. [Link]

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