US Weapons Plague the World

by | Oct 16, 2019

US Weapons Plague the World

by | Oct 16, 2019

On FPF #407, I discuss the impact of US weapons is having around the world. In FY2019 the US sold over $54 billion in weapons. Some of those weapons aided the slaughter of Yemen. In a recent article, Stu Smallwood highlights how US F-35 sales to South Korea are harming the Korean peace process. For years, the US gave weapons to the Syrian Kurds. Now, the US-NATO allies Turkey are fighting against the US-armed Syrian Kurds.


  • The US sold over $54 billion in weapons during the fiscal year 2019. [Link]
  • Spain is seeking to extradite the former Catalan president from Belgium. The Spanish government made two previous requests that were rejected by Belgium. Spain is looking to extradite the president because he held an independence referendum for Catalonia. [Link]
  • Both frontrunners in Afghanistan’s recent presidential election are accused of major voter fraud. [Link]
  • The UN reports 85 civilians were killed in last month’s election. [Link]
  • At least three people were killed by a truck bomb in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Two US officials say the US carried out a cyberattack against Iran after Saudi oil facilities were attacked on September 14th. [Link]
  • Daniel Larison explains the Yemeni government policy of charging duties at the Port of Aden before ships can dock at the Port of Hodeidah has increased fuel prices by 100%. Larison says this will likely make the cholera outbreak worse. Over 600,000 Yemeni have contracted cholera in 2019. [Link]
  • Saudi forces have taken control over Aden after UAE forces withdrew. [Link]
  • More than 1,000 Palestinians have developed bone infections after being shot by Israeli forces. [Link]
  • Turkey says it will start taking offers on replacements for the F-35. After Turkey bought the S-400 air defense system from Russia, the US blocked F-15 sales to Turkey. [Link]
  • Pompeo and Pence are expected to travel to Turkey to meet with Erdogan. [Link]
  • Turkey says it will retaliate against US sanctions. [Link]
  • Russia is now carrying out patrols to keep Syrian and Turkish forces from clashing near the border. [Link] Trump said he is fine with Russia assisting Assad in Syria. [Link]
  • Turkey’s president said an attack from the Syrian army killed a Turkish soldier. [Link]
  • The US announces it has withdrawn from Manbij. [Link]
  • Italy bans weapons sales to Turkey. [Link]
  • Turkey’s leader Erdogan says he will never declare a ceasefire in northeastern Syria and he is not concerned about US sanctions on Turkey. [Link]
  • A senior Pentagon says the US soldiers assisted Russia in moving through dangerous areas outside of Manbij as the US soldiers were leaving the area. [Link] The Syrian Army took over several bases that were abandoned during the US withdraw. [Link]
  • Senator Graham said the US must remain in Syria so 200 Israeli troops can remain in Syria to combat Iran. [Link]

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