What is the Project 2049 Institute? Ep. 211

by | Apr 12, 2022

It’s no secret that close relations with Taiwan are key to the United States’ policy of “extreme competition” with China. A main feature of this relationship has been the staggering amount of arms sales that US military contractors have made with the Taiwanese. Behind these deals stands the Project 2049 Institute. In this episode, we explore the 2049 Institute, its connections to neoconservatism, and the role that it plays in broader US/Taiwan/China relations, especially in facilitating the above-mentioned arms sales.

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Show Notes:

Sign up on Substack! What They’re Not Tellin’ You | Patrick MacFarlane | Substack

Support Today | The Libertarian Institute

How a key Pentagon official turned China policy over to arms industry and Taiwan supporters – The Grayzone

The Privatization of US Indo-Pacific Vision: Project 2049, Armitage, Budget Ploys and Taiwan Nexus (foreignpolicyjournal.com)

Project 2049 Institute

State Department Greenlights Patriot Missile Support Package for Taiwan | The Libertarian InstituteEp 214 Fiasco in Alaska, US/China Relations feat Peter Lee – (aroundtheempire.com)

Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States – Contractor Technical Assistance | Defense Security Cooperation Agency (dsca.mil)

Pentagon Accuses China of ‘Largest Military Buildup Since WW2’ | The Libertarian Institute

Exclusive: U.S. pushes arms sales surge to Taiwan, needling China – sources | Reuters

Rachael Burton – Project 2049 Institute | Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

First Taiwan Arms Sale in Biden Administration Is Approved – Bloomberg (archive.org)

China’s Cognitive Warfare, with Rachael Burton | Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

More Than 600 US Troops Sent to Taiwan Over Past Two Years – News From Antiwar.com

Biden delegation assures Taiwan that US stands firm on security commitment on eve of Pompeo visit (msn.com)

Biden Delegation in Taiwan Reassures Island of US Security Commitments – News From Antiwar.com

US Will Pay ‘Heavy Price’ for Taiwan Meddling, China Warns – Antiwar.com Blog

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