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10/10/16 Kenneth Vogel on Hillary selling guns to Libyan jihadis

“Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan Weapons”, Kenneth Vogel’s new article about Mark Turi, an arms dealer that was the target of a DOJ case with alleged links to the Clinton State Department and the CIA. Turn was a well known arms dealer, who had worked with the US government before the Libyan crisis. The case against Turi is alleged to have been dropped right at the point where sensitive disclosures about Clinton’s role in the transfer of weapons from Libya to Syria would have been revealed. Clinton is placed at risk in part because of her questioning by Sen. Rand Paul, who asked Clinton specifically about the transfers in a Senate hearing, which she denied knowledge of. All of this, and other great things are discussed in this episode of the Scott Horton show.

10/7/16 Kelley Vlahos on the return of torture

The Return of Torture: the CIA and Congress oppose Trump’s push but the public may not.” is a new The American Conservative article by Kelley Vlahos, Scott’s guest on today’s episode. The Senate’s report on torture, the CIA’s response, and why it’s still an issue is reviewed plus, the conservative rush to be fooled 100% of the time by their various leaders is analyzed in detail on the episode of the Scott Horton show.

10/7/16 Andrew Bacevich on knowing nothing about nukes

Andrew Bacevich talks about his new article for,  “The National Security Void”. During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump’s answer regarding the concept of first use of nuclear weapons revealed lack of depth of knowledge on the issue. Hillary Clinton’s answer was equally unrevealing, and didn’t answer the question directly. Bacevich talks about Hilary Clinton’s static thinking regarding nuclear weapons, despite her mastery of binders full of wars. Do we need the trillion dollar modernization of the nuclear triad that the Obama administration wants? Does Hillary have a Cold War mindset, a post Cold War mindset, or both simultaneously? Jump into the hypocrisy with another great interview on the Scott Horton Show.

Will Grigg and Scott Horton discuss the recent shooting in Dallas, Texas

Will Grigg, blogger and author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses the media’s characterization of Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson’s attack on police as a “massacre” and part of a continuing war on cops, despite statistics showing otherwise; and the precedent-setting use of a robot drone armed with a bomb to kill Johnson.

Stanley L. Cohen on sabotaged hostage negotiations and the threat of a Clinton presidency

Stanley L. Cohen, a lawyer and human rights activist who has done extensive work in the Middle East and Africa, discuses why the US government sabotaged his negotiations with the Islamic State to free humanitarian aid worker Peter Kassig, who was executed in 2014; and why a Hillary Clinton presidency would be bad news for Palestinians.’s news editor, Jason Ditz, on the wars in Syria, Libya, and Yemen

Jason Ditz, news editor for, discusses why the “moderate” US-backed Free Syrian Army threatened to slaughter US special forces advisors on the ground in Syria; why Donald Trump thinks 38 billion in US aid to Israel isn’t enough; and the continuing wars in Libya and Yemen.’s Yakov Hirsch discusses the poisoning of Israeli society

Yakov Hirsch, a professional poker player and writer at, discusses preeminent American Jewish journalist/activist Jeffrey Goldberg’s strange silence on Israel’s recent negative news coverage; and how Netanyahu’s shameless antisemitism propaganda is poisoning Israeli society.

Gareth Porter on US-Russia-Syria relations in the ongoing war

Gareth Porter, an award-winning journalist and historian, discusses the US-Russia agreement on a ceasefire in Syria; the Pentagon’s bureaucratic opposition to friendly Russia relations; and why there aren’t any moderate “good guys” in Syria for the US to support – never mind the interventionists claiming otherwise.

Prof. Todd Gitlin discusses the very real risks of nuclear war

Todd Gitlin, a professor of journalism and sociology at Columbia University, discusses the very real risks of nuclear war and why nobody’s finger – least of all Donald Trump’s – should be on the nuclear trigger.

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