This is Your Security Force

Oh yeah. You love them so much don't you? Your heroes. The boys in blue. The thin blue line protecting civilization from the chaos of freedom. Aren't you proud? Aren't you grateful? You better sing it loud at the next ballgame, or else, boy.

Your Window Tint is Too Dark

So government employee Daniel Wilkey is going to either anally rape you or forcibly convert you to protestant Christianity. Thin blue line baby. Without them there would be chaos.

Who Needs the Devil When You’ve Got the US Government?

Meet Gary Rhines. He's done 18 years of a life sentence for possession of a small amount of cocaine. While in prison, he's rehabilitated himself and stuff, from the kind of person who would be a drug businessman to another kind. When a federal judge decided to invoke...

‘It’s Pain Compliance’

Parents send their child to government school. Chaos ensues. Jeez, Honey, I don't know. The Gestapo sure has murdered a lot of people this year. But they're still the best game in town when it comes to teaching our kids how to read. Who else is going to do it, us?...



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