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The Empire has us on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. The central bank has us flirting with economic-social collapse. Americans are increasingly paranoid of one another and simultaneously invested in wielding the state against one another.

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COI #206: Libya’s Election Called Off

COI #206: Libya’s Election Called Off

On COI #206, Kyle Anzalone breaks down recent developments in Libya. The election - planned for December 24th - has been called off. The Western states say they will still recognize the interim government. However, the government will likely face increasing legitimacy...

George P. Bush: Get a Real Job

Why oh why do Americans keep electing Prescott's corrupt and incompetent spawn? What right does the Bush family have to rule over the rest of us? How can their insistence on taking positions of power do anything but push people away?

The F-35

It must be fate. The F-35 is the perfect plane for the American empire in the 2020s; the perfect expression of our "mixed" economy, of our values, our system, our way of life; Corrupt, broken, ridiculous, doomed.



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