Cyberwar with Russia

Cyberwar with Russia

On FPF #363, I discuss the US taking an offensive approach in a cyber war with Russia, protests in Hong Kong, and the US blaming Iran for everything. The New York Times reports US Cyber Command is preparing to have the ability go on the offensive against the Russian...

Cyberwar with Russia

‘We Are At War’ With Russia

On FPF #342, I discuss DNC Chair Tom Perez statement, 'we are at war' with Russia. I explain how this hysterical thinking is reflective of the current DNC political leadership. The Democrats are at fault for losing the 2016 election. However, they continue to try to...

News Roundup 11/28/17

Rep. Conyers steps down as ranking Democrat of House Judiciary Committee. [Link] The Pentagon is trying to make a report on sex abuse in Afghanistan classified. [Link] US reverses decision to close PLO office in DC. [Link] Protests have started in Pakistan. The...



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