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US Military Aid to Ukraine Tops $18 Billion – Pentagon

US Military Aid to Ukraine Tops $18 Billion – Pentagon

The United States government has provided more than $18.5 billion in direct military assistance to Ukraine so far in 2022, the Pentagon said in an updated fact sheet outlining American aid to Kiev. The vast majority of the weapons were authorized following Russia’s invasion last winter.

Zelensky Says Ukraine Already a ‘De Facto’ NATO Member

Zelensky Says Ukraine Already a ‘De Facto’ NATO Member

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declared his country would be submitting an “accelerated” bid to join NATO on Friday. He made the announcement shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed documents to formally annexing four regions of Ukraine. Zelensky said the alliance should welcome Kiev, as Ukraine is already a de facto member.

American Infallibility

Beneath the widespread stubborn American refusal to understand the Russian government's motives for its condemnable invasion of Ukraine is the equally widespread stubborn refusal to learn from the U.S. government's wrong moves with respect to Russia over the last 30...



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