What is Anarchy?

What is Anarchy?


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… anarchism [is] a simple matter of libertarian logic.

Murray N. Rothbard
Betrayal of the American Right, p. 145


Once concede the power of the people to consent as well as the natural law of “equal freedom from subjection,” and the logical consequence must be anarchism.

Murray N. Rothbard
Economic Thought Before Adam Smith, p. 279


Once admit any right of secession whatever, and there is no logical stopping-point short of the right of individual secession, which logically entails anarchism, since then individuals may secede and patronize their own defense agencies, and the State has crumbled.

Murray N. Rothbard
Ethics of Liberty, p. 182

Year Zero 79: How Foreign Policy Affects Us All

Year Zero: The Red Pill Era

In Episode 72 Tommy takes a deep dive into the modern politic of America. The conservative elements of society have coopted the term red pill in an effort to propagandize the public into their idea of order and justice while coopting the progressive idea that government is all powerful, giving people access to inherent rights. As they giveth, so shall they take away.

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THE END     …of Freedom Traps Ep. 125

THE END …of Freedom Traps Ep. 125

Patrick MacFarlane returns to the show to explain his indefinite hiatus with help from Dave Smith, Thaddeus Russell, Nick Gillespie, and Harry Browne.

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Show Notes:

Harry Browne: “Freedom Traps”

Unregistered 88: Live in Brooklyn with Dave Smith and Nick Gillespie

Episode 103: Mance is Interviewed by Dave Smith

Episode 103: Mance is Interviewed by Dave Smith

Mance has two announcements at the beginning of the podcast that he is excited about. He also wanted you to hear the recording of his appearance on the “Part of the Problem” podcast with Dave Smith from last December when he was promoting his book “Freedom Through Memedom.”

Dave Smith’s Podcast

Dave’s Special Libertas

Mance’s New Book “The Kids Are Not Alright”

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