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Department of Defense

COI #202: Biden Tries to Divide the World

COI #202: Biden Tries to Divide the World

On COI #202, Kyle Anzalone discusses how President Joe Biden’s effort to create a ‘Democratic’ bloc of countries is dividing the world into camps. The camps are not “democracy” versus “autocracy” as Biden claims. Rather, the divide is between the current American-led...

News Roundup 9/22/21

News Roundup 9/22/21

Venezuela Venezuela says a Colombian drone flew into its airspace. [Link] Great Power Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen Mark Milley will hold talks with his Russian counterpart on risk mitigation. [Link] Rep. Mike Rogers placed a widely support amendment into the NDAA...

News Roundup 9/22/21

News Roundup 5/18/21

US News Biden is considering keeping a Trump-era Pentagon rule that allows the Department of Defense to carry out psyops with less oversight from the State Department. [Link] Secretary of State Antony Blinken says Russia is advancing illegal claims in the Arctic....

Trump: Israel First!

The U.S. government doesn't give a shit about you. US Department of Defense give 1 million masks to IDF They have other people's property they plan to steal, so they might come into close contact with some of their victims, and catch the Covid, which would be a real...

War! Glorious War!

War! Glorious War!

According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study released in 2016 the US Government was spending over $1 Billion annually on Public Relations. Approximately $626 Million of that was used by the Department of Defense to fund its PR campaign glamorizing and...

News Roundup 12/12/19

News Roundup 12/12/19

US News The 2020 NDAA establishes a civilian ROTC. The program will train people for future jobs at the Department of Defense. [Link] The US tells the UN that it is willing to be more flexible in talks with North Korea. [Link] The US will suspend operational trainings...

News Roundup 6/19/19

US News CrowdStrike never produced a final report on their investigation into the DNC servers. The CrowdStrike draft reports were critical in advancing the Russiagate conspiracy theory. [Link] Trump resends the nomination of Patrick Shanahan for Secretary of Defense....

News Roundup 6/12/18

New Jersey legalizes sports betting. [Link] Domino's Pizza begins a promotion to fill in potholes in some cities. [Link] Attorney General Jeff Sessions issues new immigration dictate limiting asylum for people fleeing "private crimes." [Link] Burn Pit victims get a...



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