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false confession

Presidential Record Racketeering

Presidential Record Racketeering

Former President Donald Trump is supposedly one of the biggest scoundrels in American history for allegedly retaining documents from his presidency at his Mar-a-Lago home. Trump denies wrongdoing but the Justice Department is targeting him for violating the Espionage...

News Roundup 8/19/20

News Roundup 8/19/20

US News Up to 40% of incoming college freshmen are delaying their first year. [Link] BlueLeaks documents reveal Wisconsin police were trained on spotting lies. However, the idea of being able to identify liars is junk science. The trainer, Reene Ellory, charges nearly...

Jerkin’ Yer Chain

From this cool article about interrogation techniques and false confessions: In just three one-hour sessions, Shaw was able to convince 21 of her 30 college-age subjects that they’d committed a crime when they were around 12 years old — assaulted another child with a...



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