News Roundup 12/30/21

News Roundup 12/30/21

Covid Georgia will spend $100 million to hire medical staff and deploy 200 National Guard soldiers to medical facilities. [Link] Over 3,000 Navy reserve sailors missed the deadline to take the covid vaccination. [Link] US News Illinois bars the state employee pension...

News Roundup 12/30/21

News Roundup 5/20/21

US News In 2017, police attempted to pull over Lester Machado, claiming he had a broken taillight. After a chase, officers fired 122 rounds at Machado. As Machado lay bleeding out, first responders had a ten-minute discussion over what jurisdiction Machado was dying...

News Roundup 1/31/18

Trump signs order to keep Gitmo open. [Link] Baltimore detectives continue to testify about $10,000s stolen by police from innocent people. [Link] Justin Raimondo argues Turkey should be kicked out of NATO. [Link] Trump Administration lifts the ban on refugees from 11...



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