Is Trump Normal or Abnormal?

Democrats, establishment Republicans, the media, and the intelligentsia think that Trump is a crude-and-rude nut-job who doesn’t have what it takes to be president or even a Chicago alderman. Libertarians think that Trump is similar to most politicians:  egotistical,...

Will Congress and Trump Declare War on WikiLeaks?

Will Congress and Trump Declare War on WikiLeaks?

The Senate Intelligence Committee recently passed its Intelligence Authorization Act for 2018 that contains a chilling attack on the First Amendment. Section 623 of the act expresses the “sense of Congress” that WikiLeaks resembles a “non-state hostile intelligence...

Rule by Thieves

The American kleptocracy (a government ruled by thieves) continues to suck the American people down a rabbit hole into a parallel universe in which the Constitution is meaningless, the government is all-powerful, and the citizenry is powerless to defend itself against...

News Roundup 3/16/17

A federal judge in Hawaii blocks Trump's second travel ban. [Link] The Federal Reserve announced a .25% hike in interest rates. This is the third rate hike since 2006 and rates are now .75-1%. [Link] Four men were indicted for hacking Yahoo. Most of the charges the...

News Roundup 3/8/17

Drone strikes are up over 400% during the Trump presidency. Trump is carrying out a drone strike every 1.25 days. [Link] Wikileaks released documents from the CIA showing some of the programs within the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence. Some of the documents show...



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