News Roundup 3/7/17

Trump signs a new executive order reinstating the travel ban. This executive order does not include Iraq and does not include VISA holders. The new executive order lists several situations where people may be exempt from the travel ban. Trump is also stopping the...

Major Papers Target AG Sessions Over Russia

On Wednesday night, the big three papers, the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall St. Journal, all ran articles attacking the Trump administration over their supposed "ties" to Russia. Yet, in the tradition of anti-Russia hype in the American media, on close...

News Roundup 1/16/17

Rudi Giuliani's cybersecurity firm's website is riddled with vulnerabilities that can make hacking the site easy. Trump recently named Giuliani as his cybersecurity advisor. [Link] A new report shows that it takes $2.6 billion to bring a new drug to market. This is a...

Search and Replace

The declassified intel report on the hacking of the DNC/Podesta accounts contains this sentence: “By their nature, Russian influence campaigns are multifaceted and designed to be deniable because they use a mix of agents of influence, cutouts, front organizations, and...

US Created Cyberwarfare

"One can reasonably argue that Washington started the practice of cyber-warfare and has been a long-time practitioner of both regime change and election tampering in its relationship with much of the world.... Stepping back a bit, it is difficult to avoid the...

Your Tax Dollars at Work

“Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact.” -- "Declassified Intelligence Community Assessment of Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections," Appendix B, Estimative Language

News Roundup 1/12/17

Trump appoints Robert Kennedy Jr. to chair a commission looking into the integrity and safety of vaccines. [Link] A Michigan man is given a parking ticket for leaving his car unintended in his own driveway. The car owner went inside for a few minutes after starting...



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