Trump’s Top Priority: Weapon Sales

Trump’s Top Priority: Weapon Sales

On FPF #506, I discuss Trump's obsession with helping the arms industry. The Pentagon announced that it plans to spend $135 million bailing out small arms makers, the Senate is trying to allocate $10 million for nuclear weapons testing, and the US will acquire the six...

Don’t Bailout The Share Buyback Queens

From Wolf Richter at Wolf Street. The Trump administration is considering a $850-billion stimulus package (bailout) for corporate America. This includes a bailout for the airline industry - the same airline industry that spent the past few years spending cash and...

The Dirty Espionage Business

N.Y. Times: U.S. Sanctions Turn Iran's Oil Industry Into Spy vs Spy. Most Americans have a Hollywood version of the espionage business. A high-tech game of cyber-espionage and secret well-planned operations but in reality it is an age old game using alcohol, sex,...

This Week in Congress

This Week in Congress

The House is in session Tuesday through Thursday. Among the legislation the House will consider is H.R. 1500. This bill officially changes the name of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It also lays out the...

FPF #249 – Trump’s Grand Strategy

On FPF #249, I discuss how Trump's policy with Venezuela and Iran has pushed those nations closer with China. Trump's National Security Review highlight as great power struggles with Russia and China to be the cornerstone to his foreign policy goals.  Trump's...

Bonds Are Taxes

On Nov. 8, voters where I live in Fairfax, Va., will be asked to approve general obligation bonds to finance subway maintenance, park renovations, and other run-of-the-mill local spending. There will be hundreds of similar questions on ballots across the country to...



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