intelligence community

The Fake Whistleblower

Matt Tiabbi sets the record straight.  Who are the real whistleblowers?  They are people sitting in prison.  People that have had their lives destroyed.  What they are not is people that are protected by the so-called intelligence community. The unnamed person at the...

William Arkin Quits NBC Over Their War Mongering

Bill isn't always right, but like 95% or something at least. Read his great "goodbye letter" here. For me I realized how out of step I was when I looked at Trump’s various bumbling intuitions: his desire to improve relations with Russia, to denuclearize North Korea,...

News Roundup 1/19/18

It could have been Ron Paul. [Link] The Pentagon looks to change policy to make it an option to respond with nuclear weapons to a cyber attack. [Link] The House spending bill will change rules allow the White House to secretly move funds within the intelligence...



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