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News Roundup 1/21/2022

News Roundup 1/21/2022

Covid New Mexico is requesting National Guard soldiers and state employees to fill in as substitute teachers. [Link] The US donated over 300,000 Johnson & Johnson covid vaccines to Bangladesh. [Link] The US donated over 600,000 Pfizer covid vaccine doses to...

News Roundup 1/21/2022

News Roundup 10/25/21

US News Louisiana police officer Julio Alvarado was videoed slamming a small woman - Shantel Arnold - onto the pavement several times. Officer Alvarado has been named in nine excessive force lawsuits. [Link] Biden delays the release of JFK assassination files for over...

News Roundup 1/21/2022

News Roundup 9/28/21

US News New York’s governor will use the National Guard to replace health care workers fired or suspended for being unvaccinated. [Link] Lockheed Martin tells the Pentagon it will only be able to deliver 151 F-35s this year. Lockheed planned to produce 161 F-35s....



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