Will Trump Meet with Kim Jong-un Again?

Will Trump Meet with Kim Jong-un Again?

On FPF #515, I discuss the latest push by South Korean President Moon Jae-in to have another meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un. The top US negotiator traveled to South Korea in an attempt to restart talks. Trump has now signaled he be open to talks. However, North...

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Will Trump Meet with Kim Jong-un Again?

Is Kim Jong-un Dead? guest Will Porter

Will Porter returns to the show to discuss the rumors of Kim Jong-un's death. Will explains the media reports suggesting Kim is dead, or will soon die, are based on flimsy sources. However, Kim has been absent from public life for a few weeks and missed a significant...

Will Trump Meet with Kim Jong-un Again?

Kim Tests Some Missiles

On FPF #381, I discuss the status of talks between the US and North Korea. North Korea recently tested some missiles, and the never-Trumpers attempted to make a show of the tests. Trump downplayed the tests and said that he continues to hope for talks with North...



On FPF #361, I discuss recent news about China. In Hong Kong mass protests have broken out to oppose a new law that allows extraditions to China. China appears to be seeking to oppose more control over Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the South China Sea. The US has grown its...


Peace Talks

On FPF #317, I discuss Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-un and US talks with the Taliban. The meeting with Kim ended early and without a peace agreement. Trump said the talks were positive. In Qatar, US officials are meeting with Taliban leadership. The talks will be...



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