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Will Trump Meet with Kim Jong-un Again?

Will Trump Meet with Kim Jong-un Again?

On FPF #515, I discuss the latest push by South Korean President Moon Jae-in to have another meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un. The top US negotiator traveled to South Korea in an attempt to restart talks. Trump has now signaled he be open to talks. However, North...

Will Trump Meet with Kim Jong-un Again?

Is Kim Jong-un Dead? guest Will Porter

Will Porter returns to the show to discuss the rumors of Kim Jong-un's death. Will explains the media reports suggesting Kim is dead, or will soon die, are based on flimsy sources. However, Kim has been absent from public life for a few weeks and missed a significant...

Police: Criminals

Every single day without fail the Free Thought Project site has stories of police atrocities committed against the American people. Here they beat the hell out of an old man for fun. Here they plant drugs on an innocent man. Here they kidnap small children and turn...

The Good News

The WSJ says that China and South Korea seem to have already peaked in their Corona virus outbreaks. It seems it never did break out in Shanghai. But apparently only due to totalitarian travel restrictions and Orwellian surveillance. Update: Oh shit. The bad news:...



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