Cops Almost Kill Kid

Get this: a 13-year-old autistic kid is having a temper tantrum, so what does his mother do? She calls the Nazi Gestapo Stormtroopers of Death to take care of it for her. So they show up and one of them shoots the kid "several" times in the back for running away. For...

Cops Kill Man

The wrong man. A completely innocent 21 year old man. Then they lied and claimed he shot at them. Because they are liars as well as murderers.

Olli Heinonen is a Liar

Here he tells Israeli Army Radio, "Iran is actually weaponizing uranium enrichment without making a weapon." Even the Times of Israel, a rightwing paper, characterized this as a "claim," since it's obvious on the face of it that Heinonen is lying. Iran is either...



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