Waiting for all the Russiagate kooks to start crying about "obstruction of justice" in the case of all the Mueller men wiping their phones. Hey, Russia, if you're reading this, there's a bunch of missing phone data out there somewhere that would be happy...

Reason Magazine Interview

Zach Weismueller from Reason interviewed me about Trump's foreign policy. Some of it ended up in this report: Trump's Failed Promise to Stop America's 'Endless Wars'

Mueller Testimony and Iran guest Steven Woskow

Mueller Time

On FPF #379, I discuss Russiagate and what we may expect from Mueller's House testimony. Mueller is unlike to give many important answers during his testimony. I debunk some big Russiagate myths and talk about what questions should be asked of Mueller.  I also cover a...

Mueller Report And Russia

Just listening now to AG Barr.  He says Wikileaks got the DNC hacks from Russia via I guess Guccifer 2.0 (btw, Guccifer the first is Romanian, so it's pronounced like "Goochee" like the handbag - "Goocheefer" - funny hacker's name).  That's not the Podesta emails, I...

The End of Russiagate host Steven Clyde

The End of Russiagate host Steven Clyde

On FPF #327, I run an interview from the Peace and Liberty Podcast with host Steven Clyde. Steven asks me questions about the Russiagate conspiracy and the end of the Mueller investigation. I debunk the biggest lies during the Russiagate conspiracy. I also talk about...

Big Fake Russia Hoax Canceled

Mueller turns in his nothing report of nonsense to the DOJ with no new indictments, no even-accusations of "collusion" with Russia over the election of 2016. Unbelievable. Isn't it?



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