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Save the Children: 21,000 Gaza Children Missing

Save the Children: 21,000 Gaza Children Missing

The agency believes that 17,000 are separated from their parents, with another 4,000 feared dead and buried under the rubble Save the Children issued a startling new report suggesting that 21,000 Gazan children are missing as the Israeli onslaught drags on. Aside from...

News Roundup 3/29/2024

News Roundup 3/29/2024

Russia Russia Says Moscow Terrorist Attack Has Connection to ‘Ukrainian Nationalists’ AWC NYT: US Didn’t Give Russia All the Information It Had About Moscow Terrorist Plot AWC China Philippine President Vows ‘Response’ to China’s Actions in South China Sea AWC Israel...

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Servile Lickspittle Donald Trump

Has there ever been a cuck with less dignity than Donald J. Trump? NYT: Trump Advisers Talk of Palestinian Expulsions, West Bank Annexation Even as Palestinian-rights organizers focus their ire on President Biden, the advisers who shaped Donald J. Trump’s Middle East...

NYT: The Deep State is Awesome!

The Times informs us that the "Deep State" is not the national security state's permanent network of military officers, CIA spies, FBI perjurers, and their millions of consultants and contractors and check-cashers. No, it's all government employees of any rank in any...



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Israel Winner of the 2003 Iraq Oil War

Israel Winner of the 2003 Iraq Oil War

From the Foreword by Lawrence B. Wilkerson: “[T]he debate over whether oil was a principal reason for the 2003 invasion has waxed and waned, with one camp arguing that it absolutely was, while the other argues the precise opposite.” “Mr. Vogler, himself a former...

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