The Logic of Eradicating Hamas

Is genocide logically required by Israel's stated objective of eradicating Hamas? It looks that way. Israel demonstrably believes that to wipe out Hamas, it must use overwhelming and indiscriminate force in the Gaza Strip, killing tens of thousands, wounding and...

The Israel Lobby Ain’t Shy

They are lots of things, but not that. Members of Congress’ far-left “Squad” who have championed Palestinians in the Middle East conflict are in danger of losing their seats in Democratic primaries. The efforts to remove Reps. Cori Bush of Missouri and Jamaal Bowman...

Haaretz: IDF Bombed Aid Convoy on Approved Route

Haaretz has more details on IDF drone strikes that killed seven international aid workers on Monday night. The victims included two US-Canadian dual-national Palestinians and five citizens of Australia, Poland and the UK. (Edit: World Central Kitchen – the NGO that...

Israel Gives Cover to Anti-Semites

Israel identifies itself as the Jewish state and claims to represent "the Jewish people" everywhere, not only Jewish Israelis. Thus Israel's atrocious treatment of the Muslim and Christian Palestinians at least tacitly encourages the anti-Semites, who are eager to...



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