News Roundup 7/5/21

News Roundup 7/5/21

US News A 76-year-old woman was released from jail on home confinement during the covid pandemic. She attended a class and didn’t answer a call from her parole officer. She was rearrested and will be sent to federal prison. [Link] The government plans to remove the...

News Roundup 7/5/21

News Roundup 5/20/21

US News In 2017, police attempted to pull over Lester Machado, claiming he had a broken taillight. After a chase, officers fired 122 rounds at Machado. As Machado lay bleeding out, first responders had a ten-minute discussion over what jurisdiction Machado was dying...

News Roundup 7/5/21

News Roundup 5/17/21

US News A Louisville detective, Mark Handy, was sentenced to a year in prison for falsifying evidence and testimony that led to four men serving decades in jail. One of the men has been released after ten years and received $8.5 million from the city. [Link] A North...

News Roundup 7/5/21

News Roundup 4/1/21

US News A North Carolina cop resigns after a video shows him torturing his dog. Other officers on the scene joked about a lack of witnesses. [Link] Biden proposes a $2 trillion infrastructure spending bill. [Link] Drone assassination program whistleblower Daniel Hale...

News Roundup 7/5/21

News Roundup 3/5/21

US News NY Governor Cuomo’s advisors changed Covid numbers to make it appear the governor wasn't responsible for killing as many nursing homes residents as he did. [Link] Biden extends an executive order naming Venezuela as a threat. [Link] Myanmar The US blocked...



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