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The Empire Strikes Back: Soldiering and Brain Injury

Whatever empires do abroad eventually comes home. Yet another unintended consequences come home in a tidal wave. This is personal; I was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury in 2019. I spent nearly a quarter century in the US military. I know there's a connection....

“Trillion Dollar Trainwreck…”

Hot garbage on the wing. The pursuit of US and Western air dominance is a pipe dream but a fever dream for the military industrial complex. The existential failure of this fighter program has been stunning to behold. The days of manned fighter aircraft are numbered in...

The Truth About Politics

The Truth About Politics I became a Progressive when I thought that Progressivism meant being compassionate. I stopped being a Progressive when I realized that putting massive obligations on strangers through government coercion was not compassion. - Keith Knight,...



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