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The Empire has us on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. The central bank has us flirting with economic-social collapse. Americans are increasingly paranoid of one another and simultaneously invested in wielding the state against one another.

The voices of the establishment are legion. The voices of dissent are few. Make your stand for liberty by supporting The Libertarian Institute today.


The Human Under the Numbers

The Human Under the Numbers

The story of Anne Frank is tragic. If not for the words that she wrote in her diary, she would be a digit of history. Her diary is relatable, and the thoughts that collected inside her being during a horrible time in history gives the reader an idea of who she was....

USA: Israel’s Big Stupid Donkey

“If it is possible to recruit the most powerful country in the world onto our side, why should we fight alone?” PM Netanyahu asked. “If I can harness a world power against Iran — which aims to annihilate us — why not?”

Stranger Encounters Ep 39: Now It’s Personal

Stranger Encounters Ep 39: Now It’s Personal

In Episode 39 of Stranger Encounters Tommy opens up on a more personal level. At age twenty-one, after two years of struggling as the head of a young expanding family, Tommy caught a flight out of Houston to Ft Benning, GA to begin training as an infantryman. The next...



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