US Deploys F-16s to Romania for Patrols Over Black Sea

US Deploys F-16s to Romania for Patrols Over Black Sea

Four American advanced fighter jets arrived in Romania and will begin conducting patrols over the Black Sea region, according to NATO. The deployment comes as Washington wages a proxy war against Moscow in Ukraine that has stretched into the Black Sea.  Acting NATO...

Shot By Cops, Thwarted By Judges And Geography

How qualified immunity works: U.S. courts show wide regional disparities in granting qualified immunity, the controversial legal doctrine now under fire for protecting officers accused of excessive force. The shooter was Fort Worth, Texas, police officer Hugo Barron....

New SARS-CoV-2 Variant: More Infectious – Less Lethal

Genetic and Engineering News: A new variant of SARS-CoV-2 designated D614G is displacing the original variant D614 in all geographic regions. The new variant has been shown in laboratory studies to be more infectious but less lethal than the original D614 variant....

SFMTA: Improving Mobility or Blocking Competition?

"The point of different city transport agencies nationwide is to foster mobility. These MTAs run the local or regional transit service, and in some cases manage parking, taxis, roads, and other right-of-way issues. But many of them do a poor job. They manage transit...



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