News Roundup 2/2/2024

News Roundup 2/2/2024

Ukraine EU Gets Hungary to Agree on 50 Billion Euro Aid Package for Ukraine AWC China US Establishes New Stockpile in Australia to Prepare for War Over Taiwan AWC Israel Israeli Soldiers in Gaza Burning Down Hundreds Homes Haaretz USAID Chief Samantha Power Confront...

News Roundup 2/2/2024

News Roundup 2/1/2024

Haiti Kenyan President Says Force Can Be Deployed to Haiti as Early as Next Week The Institute  Venezuela Venezuela Threatens to Block Deportation Flights from US If Biden Moves Forward with Sanctions WSJ State Department Threatens to Reimpose Sanctions on Venezuelan...

News Roundup 2/2/2024

News Roundup 1/15/2024

Ukraine The New York Times Says Ukraine Is Struggling to Hold Territory NYT The Institute  US Says Aid to Ukraine “Ground to a Halt” CNBC American Citizen Jailed in Ukraine for His Political Views Dies AWC Korea North Korea Test Fires Missile NYT Israel White House...

News Roundup 2/2/2024

News Roundup 12/29/2023

Venezuela Venezuela Responds to UK Warship Deployment to Guyana By Conducting War Games AP Ukraine Russia Says US Demands Prevent Hostage Swap El Pais US Announces $250 Million Arms Package for Ukraine AWC Ukraine Beginning to Lose Gains Made During Costly...



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