Who Helped McVeigh Blow Up Oklahoma City?

“How do 5 or 6 people see something and describe generally the same thing if it doesn’t exist?” — Dan Vogel, FBI Special Agent, Oklahoma City Field Office “If only one person had seen that, or two or three…but twenty-four? Twenty-four people say, yes I saw him...


DNA Evidence of Second Bomber at Oklahoma City?

A DNA profile forgotten about for twenty years is it the final piece of evidence to put to rest remaining questions about the Oklahoma City bombing. Fox 25 first told you about the existence of the unknown DNA profile last December, but in the months that have...

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The Lies Behind the Oklahoma City Bombing

Despite the seemingly simple conclusion behind the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, the investigation was exceedingly complicated. To this day, it is still the FBI’s most massive investigation, comprised of millions of pages of evidence. Careful analysis of this paper...

Fbi Liars


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