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News Roundup 7/16/2024

News Roundup 7/16/2024

Russia Poland Considering Shooting Down Russian Missiles Over Ukraine, But Wants NATO Support AWC Zelensky Says Russia Should Attend Next Ukraine Summit AWC Israel New GOP Platform Vows Support for Israel, Deportation of Pro-Palestinian Protesters AWC Report: Gallant...

News Roundup 7/16/2024

News Roundup 7/15/2024

Russia Russian Officials Vow Response to US Missile Deployment to Germany AWC US Announces New Weapons Package for Ukraine After Biden-Zelensky Meeting AWC Lithuania Moves to Exit Cluster Ban Treaty, Citing Weapons Effectiveness The Institute  Ukraine’s Military...

News Roundup 7/16/2024

News Roundup 7/10/2024

US News Senate Joins House in Proposal for ‘Automatic’ Draft Registration AWC Russia Sweden Calls on NATO to Focus on China to Placate Trump The Institute  Report: NATO Expected To Tell Ukraine Its Path Toward Membership Is ‘Irreversible’ AWC Israel Israel Controls...

News Roundup 7/16/2024

News Roundup 7/8/2024

Russia Ukrainian Drone Injures Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Workers AWC Russia Steps Up Strikes on Ukrainian Airfields Ahead of F-16 Delivery AWC China Philippines Says US Will Pull Out Controversial Mid-Range Missile System AWC Israel Haaretz Confirms Israel...



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