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The innocent dead of Rafah, have you no shame?

Footage from the Israeli Military assault on Rafah has again revealed the gruesome reality of war. A reality that tends to be omitted by the censors of the legitimate media, footage of headless babies. Their young bodies, limp, held by rescuers and loved ones in one...

The Creature From Palestine

The Creature From Palestine

The state is a monster that eats itself, along with individuals within its domain, its spheres of influence, and beyond. Citizens typically don’t perceive this due to the crafty rhetoric generated by the state’s intellectuals. Sometimes the rhetorical machinery breaks...

The Wigan Pier of the Periphery

The Wigan Pier of the Periphery

I just finished some work in the city. I was working with a pair of carpenters, men in dirty clothes with splinters in their hands. As we worked the nicely dressed office class ignored those building the world around them, the delivery drivers, the cleaners, the...



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