the law

Cop Kills Kid

Doesn't even bother with the magic word, "waistband." Cops can kill whoever they want. That's the law.

Cops Kill Man

And lie about it since they had no justification to do so. But since the law says that cops can murder whoever the hell they feel like, we don't even need to know to know that the DA will not charge, the grand jury will not indict, the judge will pass out immunity and...

Cops Murder Little Boy, Get Away With It, Of Course

Government employees are above the law. They can murder whoever they feel like, including with "high-powered, military-style, assault rifles," as long as they feel like it. In this case they were trying to murder an innocent lady but murdered her innocent little boy...

Cop Kills Baby

Christopher Manuel is a child killer. DAs and judges just laugh. Government employees can murder whoever they want. That's the law.

Key Witness in Chris Tapp Case Recants Testimony

She now says the cops forced her lie. I believe that. Of course we all know that it's a scientific fact that there will never be any accountability for the government employees responsible for this criminal fraud. Cops can frame whoever they feel like. That's the...

Remember Now

The only reason this cop pulled Sandra Bland over was under the excuse that she pulled over to get out of his way without a signal. The he arrested her for resisting an arrest he had no cause to make in the first place. I believe that her death was a suicide, but it...



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